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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 8 September 2021

Economic Vampires with Robert Carlisle, Marvin Evans, Joseph Heath, Khaleel Evans and Stephen White

This podcast is about wisdom and knowledge as well as hosting lectures and Shining Light On topics in areas that does not get as much attention as they should, we will be talking about virtual reality augmented reality and how it will change the world as we know it and how Banks and Bitcoin will begin to work together in adapting to the change of the digital world, you will also have the pleasure of listening to very powerful and influential debates about different opinions. I also hope this podcast brings about the inspiration to draw out change and one's mind state and the courage to do the research that is necessary to become the best version of oneself. All the knowledge in that teaching is nothing without wisdom and understanding this is just the tip of the iceberg to sum it up of the grand scheme of the debates our conversations that Will Go on this Pod cast in a special feature of this podcast we will always host a comedy hour which will consist of comedy dialogue as well as voice impressions and prank phone calls this podcast will truly have it all.

Robert Carlisle
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Virtual Reality World and Avatar Designer

Hi I'm Robert Carlisle AKA (DNA Elite),

Have a passion in Marketing & Virtual Reality World / Avatar design. Military veteran, husband and father of two wonderful boys. My past 20 year career has been in food service and now VR development for many business partners. I am also the Chief Tech Officer and part owner of Digital Business International - Is your business VR ready? Here to assist and make your digital world possible. Please, call me DNA!

Warmest regards,


Joseph Jabril Heath
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Licensed private investigator, Day Trader, Entrepreneur, Virtual Reality Developer, Designer, Programmer, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Forex Market Coach, Business Consultant

Joseph Heath was Born on Feb, 17th 1987 in Joliet IL, at St. Joseph Hospital He Grew up on the east side of Joliet He attended Joliet Central High School Hobbies Joseph loved growing up was being a comedian trying to make his family and friends laugh, He loved computer and technology trying to come up with clever inventions and designing and programming Innovative games and Tech he was also into music as he got older Now at the age of 34 Joseph is a licensed private investigator and Day Trader with multiple Businesses he owns Angelic mind his dietary supplement company and Lore Bellize his fragrance company just to name a few. Joseph is married in a proud father of three kids 2 girls and one boy Joseph is a well-rounded smart down-to-earth loving caring person who is always thinking outside the box to know him is to know someone special.

Khaleel Evans
Other Websites:
Podcast Host

I’ll be covering numerous topics regarding God, sports, global issues, relationships, mental health, promoting businesses, and giving day to day motivation at the same time.

I’ll be interviewing a different person each episode, getting their personal opinions on current topics and experiences.

I am the Podcast creator of "Insightful Podcast"

ILLINOISUnited States
Jack Of All Trades "Master of All"

Senior Security Engineer Analyst, Technical IT Support Specialist, Compliance Analyst, Information Systems Management

Results-driven professional with extensive experience in developing and implementing strategies into tactical plans and processes to deliver a secure security infrastructure, IT Support, and Enterprise Security Systems Management


Strategic Planning & Analysis - Risk Assessment & Mitigation - IT Operations & Security Compliance - Budgeting & Cost   Reduction - Inventory Database   Management - Project & Program Management - Staff Training & Development- Quantitative/ Qualitative Analysis

Worked closely with the several personal to prepare annual budgets, completed risk analysis on potential investments, and advised the board of directors about investment risk and return. Collected and maintained competitive information to present complete market evaluation for specific products Oversaw product sales/marketing to analyze pricing plus promotional requirements to streamline operations. Played a vital role in developing and introducing new products’ process.

  • Developed high-quality business strategies to fulfill short and long-term objectives. Led subordinates to advance employee engagement and established a high performing managerial team.
  • Designed instructional, descriptive and application literature for existing and new products along with competitive products’ periodic reports.
  • Established draft application materials like PowerPoint presentations, DVDs and literature for marketing and entertainment purposes. Collected and maintained information to present complete market evaluation for specific products. Utilized changing market dynamics and converted into actionable strategies. Prepared, maintained, and updated documents and sales tools for using product presentations along with technical training seminars.
  • Enhanced opportunities for online revenue generation through multiple channels. Executed marketing campaigns as well as in charge of managing and developing P&L and driving market growth.
  • Install of technical equipment, install software, and configure all hardware to connect with drivers and updates as needed.
  • Record and mix audio analog, digital recording also, edit video in Logic, Final Cut Pro and Adobe premiere and host other.
  • Photography and edit all digital marketing material and develop marketing plat forms for customers.
  • Media Kit development using multiple platforms – All Adobe Creative Cloud – Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat DC, Dimension,  Serif Suite, Zoho1, 360 Office Suite, Survey Monkey, Print Design, Color management, Print formatting, Garment printing, (Marketing Specialist)
Stephen D White
US Navy and Law Enforcement Officer

Stephen D White “Can do” – Navy Seabees Stephen was born in November, in the town of Joliet, Illinois

He is the father of 2 daughters.

Experience: He grew up participating in Martial Arts, Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Track and Field throughout his youth and high school career. As a result of being coached by his father, and surrounded with an athletic family background, he has come to understand the importance of the physical and mental aspects of athletics, along with the dedication, team work, and ideologies that follow. Stephen brings a different perspective to the world by having served in the United States Navy (1986-1990) and being a prior Law Enforcement Officer of 20 years. He also possesses a unique background in Promotions, Marketing, analytical thinking and problem solving.

Stephen’s Passion: “Throughout my career in law enforcement, jailor and corrections, I have witnessed the negative outcomes of the youth that have made poor decisions or those that have been given a raw deal. Whether it is gang affiliation, drugs, or everyday life struggles. As an advocate I would love to assist, mentor and offer alternative paths to the youth who strive to become productive citizens.”

Achievements: Navy Good Conduct Medal Expert Rifleman Medal Certified Corrections Officer of Illinois F.A.A. Flying Armed Training Georgia P.O.S.T. Officer Department of Homeland Security: Surveillance Detection Course for Commercial Operators, Comprehensive Assessment Model Training; WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks, SWAT tactics, Gang intelligence and structure. Executive Protection/Bodyguard