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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 26 April 2021

Dr Pauls in the House with Dr Paul Hannig

Show Host:

Do you need to transform your life ... marriage ... relationships ... career ... emotions ... your very being? Sometimes it is very difficult to discover effective strategies for many areas of life. Listen to Dr. Paul Hannig, your Life Strategy Specialist. Dr. Paul will answer your questions, give daily doses of advice and wisdom, share prescriptions for living and relationship fulfillment ... all mixed with some good old common sense, humor, and straight from the hip talk. He'll include some news commentary and share some simple basic truths and fundamentals to life that you need to learn.

"Dr. Paul's in the House" is dedicated to giving you the tools for extraordinary living. Reisa Hannig will share the air as co-host and and add some sharp female perspective.

"You, too, can be happy ... you, too, can transcend ... you, too, can have it all if you are willing to work hard. Dr. Paul will teach you how."

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Dr Paul Hannig

Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D., MFT
Radio Talk Show Host, Licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist, Florida Mental Health Counselor, Host of the cable program Odyssey, Author

"Dr. Paul" is a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Life Strategy Specialist. He has specialized in (but not limited to) mood, anxiety and personality disorders, depression, phobias, relationship conflict, psychosis, spiritual psychotherapy, deep feeling therapy, and core identity work. His therapy model is strategic and integrative, combining an individual, interactional and multi-generational approach to treatment. He makes his expertise and therapy available worldwide via his Telephone Therapy Program.

Beginning with his education at Temple University and his early days as supervisor and trainer at Philadelphia State Hospital, Dr. Paul has developed many insights as to how early emotional pain and trauma is linked to the formation of severe personality, mood and anxiety disorders. His work in individual and relationship transormation has saved many lives, marriages and families.

Dr. Paul is author of the books, Feeling People, "Coping with the Disorder", developer of the "Sizzling Relationships: the 401(k) of Love" program and manual, and has been a guest on various radio and television shows. His professional writing credits include the "Journal of Counseling and Development", "Aesthema Journal", the "IPA Newsletter", "Hypnosis Quarterly", The Miami Herald (Florida), The Daily News (Los Angeles), Warner Center Newspaper, Valley Parent Magazine, "The California Therapist Magazine". Internationally, his articles have appeared in the European magazine "Kindheit". New articles and therapy information can be found at his website, "PsychotherapyHELP, at