Dr Love Connection with Jo Long

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5:21:18 PM (Tue) PST


Talk Radio Show Program

Dr Love Connection

Dr Love Connection with Jo Long
Show Host: 
Jo Long

Dr Love Connection Radio Show

Call in your questions about dating or relationships!

There will be many guests on the show including some of our members on the site discussing what they are looking for in a relationship.

Dr Love Connection is a FREE DATING SITE! No Credit Card Required! You can add your picture and profile and also search and communicate with others for free!

Dr Love Connection was created with you in mind! If you are wanting to meet someone that has the same interests as you, then this is the place to be!

If you would like to have a free dream date with a beautiful woman or a handsome man, just by joining you qualify to be picked for a free!

DREAM DATE. We pick someone from our site around once a week to go on a great date if you choose to go. You then get to choose someone from the site to take on the date. We will be calling or emailing potential winners each week. So don’t be surprised! There is no catch! This is our way of advertising! Our sponsors simply want to show you how great their place is, and how much fun can be had, whether dancing, dining or simply enjoying the entertainment.

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Talk Show Program Host

Jo Long
Jo Long
Cave Creek
AZ - USA Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Dr Love Connection, Cave Springs Ranch, Wild West Trail Rides
Rescue Animal Volunteer, Homeless Shelter Care-Giver, Charitable Fund Raiser, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, with a Masters in Arts

I live on a ranch and try to stay busy doing charity work, helping raise money and awareness, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charities. I am just a volunteer and hope somehow it will help. I love horses and volunteer with rescue of animals. I'm a Christin and love the Lord. I am thankful for my friends. I have a grandson named Mickie and he is a real character. I love to hike and the great outdoors. I like to explore.

I am passionate about helping this earth, people and creatures of the earth while I am here on earth. I have a homeless shelter and an animal rescue. I am an entrepreneur. I am a real estate developer. I have been in the business over 30 years.

I just launched a website for people who are single, like myself, and who want to meet someone wonderful to share beautiful memories with.

Things I am very passionate about include, Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Children, Civil Rights and Social Action, Economic Empowerment, Education, The Environment, Heath and Human Rights, Humanitarian Relief, Politics, Poverty Relief and Science and Technology.

Get to know me and let me brighten your day with a smile, a warm heart, and a little kindness.