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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 26 April 2021

Conscious Conversations with Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett

Conscious Conversations Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett
Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett

Do you feel like you're missing something? Would you like to be more present throughout your day? Do you want to live a more conscious, mindful life? If you said YES - this show shares how!

Join us for an hour of being in ‘Heart Space’ that will enrich you to connect deeper! We share our own unique understandings and tools to help you to maintain well-being and even transcend fear in a world of chaos! Tune in for an energetic upgrade in your life!

Both Janet and I are energy empaths in the field of Consciousness.  Our purpose is to promote deeper awareness about this Unified Field, explore beyond the boundaries of mind and reality to help enhance the Collective awakening. Each week we delve into a different topic and how it connects with Consciousness.  Share in our warmth, humor and non-judgment – join our conversations and expand your Universe!

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Featured Guests

Janet Barrett
Other Websites:
Energy Empath, Intuitive, Channel with Emphasis in Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Emei Qi Gong, Reiki and Brain Gym

Janet is a strong subtle energy empath, intuitive and channel. She has added trainings in Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Emei Qi Gong, Reiki, and Brain Gym. All weave together awareness of how we truly are one, unique individuals, all interconnected having a collective experience Being.

Janet offers her clients a fresh viewpoint free of labels. With warmth and acceptance, she offers appreciation and humor for how we show up here on planet earth. Her skill is taking her clients stories, myths and personal language and reframing them as a way to access who they truly are. For eight years, she has led weekly play groups for Matrix Energetics students and written weekly about the wisdom found in group for students and interested parties around the world. Janet offers workshops sharing how to clear our self-fulfilling prophecies about what any of us may have learned about life into new states of enjoyment.

We are much more than we think we are. We are consciousness expressing, consciousness evolving.

Joan M. Newcomb
Other Websites:
Certified Professional Conscious Mastery Coach, Change Catalyst, Matrix Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Reader, Energy Worker, Spiritual Teacher

Joan Newcomb is a Conscious Mastery Coach who encourages you to navigate life from your own Inner Wisdom. She gives you the tools to blaze your own trail, see new possibilities, step into new realities and integrate Your greater awareness into your daily life and work. In the flow of life, it’s not about controlling the currents or the weather, it’s about using your inner skills and conscious awareness to steer your course.

A catalyst for change, Joan shares everything she knows from a lifetime of training and practice as a matrix practitioner, certified professional coach, spiritual counselor, intuitive reader, energy worker and spiritual teacher. She's facilitated individuals and groups worldwide in personal growth and spiritual awareness for over 30 years. Joan blends Consciousness Technologies into her Conscious Mastery coaching practice for magical and miraculous outcomes. Her clients feel more empowered, clear, joyful, and calm, and experience greater personal power and professional success.

Joan has authored two books, Tapestry of Time, transformative fiction, and Mystic Musings, a compilation of essays from her blog and weekly Ezine.