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A Ghost of our Christmas Past, Present and Future: What Maisie Reveals

A Ghost of our Christmas Past, Present and Future. What Maisie Reveals
A Ghost of our Christmas Past, Present and Future: What Maisie Reveals

A Ghost of our Christmas Past, Present and Future: What Maisie Reveals

By Kevin D. Annett


“There are some upon this earth of yours who lay claim to know us, and who do their deeds of passion, pride, ill-will, hatred, envy, bigotry, and selfishness in our name; who are as strange to us and all our kith and kin, as if they had never lived. Remember that, and charge their doings on themselves, not us.”
― The Christ Spirit to Scrooge, from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

“This boy is Ignorance and this girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.”
― A Christmas Carol

Every yuletide for the past quarter century I think especially long on Maisie Shaw and offer whatever can pass as prayers for her.

Maisie would have been 85 years old by now. Instead, she was murdered on Christmas Eve while still a child. A United Church clergyman named Alfred Caldwell kicked her to her death on a cold basement stairwell as yuletide carols were being sung upstairs in the chapel. Maisie was crying for her mother when she died.

Yet another death in the slaughterhouse known as the Alberni Indian Residential School was hardly unusual. But Maisie’s fate was different. Her bones did not stay secretly buried. Maisie Shaw’s slaying has been the unforeseen mustard seed that has grown and spread and changed me and our nation forever, ever since I learned of the crime from the one who witnessed it and spoke of it to the world. But doing so caused me to share Maisie’s fate. For I too had my life snuffed out violently by the same men who caused and concealed her murder. But I too have risen from the grave with more than a story to share with the fearful Scrooge unable to face himself otherwise known as Canada.

As this strange year of 2020 ends, it may seem that our world is caught in a mass hysteria that fell on us from out of nowhere. In fact, the covid police state is nothing new. Our society has become a single enormous Indian “residential school”.

The trauma many of us are experiencing these days is like what happened to the children on the day of their arrival at these internment camps. We too are being assaulted, terrorized, and stripped of freedom after being kidnapped from all that we knew. We too are facing arbitrary regimentation, mandatory vaccinations and dehumanizing regulations, imprisonment, and even random killings.

In short, and in accordance with the Natural Law of Return, our own crimes have blown back on us. The hell we created to grab this land is consuming us. And like Maisie Shaw and many like her, most of us are too frightened to resist the Moloch State, even when our obedience only worsens our captivity and hastens our end.

Harriett Nahanee, who witnessed the murder of Maisie Shaw, told me once, “Only two kinds of people survived residential school: slaves and sellouts.” I was troubled at the time that she did not list a third category, namely those who resisted. But Harriett was right. No-one survives a death camp intact. Those who will not surrender to their oppressors are the first to die and be forgotten, and the survivors write the history that is approved by the killers. That is why the dead are the only reliable witnesses to what happened, and can touch and transform the hearts of all of us who are caught Scrooge-like in our complicity and fear.

All during my disastrous years, as my livelihood and children and future were all stripped from me, I always read Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol aloud to my two young daughters during our brief times together, as yuletide and thoughts of Maisie Shaw returned. I remember their anxious looks and their own tears whenever I broke down, especially when I reached the part where Scrooge was changed. Something in my own crippled heart shared his rebirth when his life was thrown open to the wondrous humanity through whom he had stumbled so blindly. I always cried then for the loss and death I had known and for the seemingly unconquerable corruption and criminality of official society. But my tears also sprang from an undying hope in the possibility that all of it could change.

In keeping with my life, I have acted from that same worn hope throughout this past year as our home-grown Moloch has stretched out its claws to claim our lives too. Yet almost everywhere, that hope has been dashed.

In a banal replay of my campaigns over the past quarter century, sworn friends and fighters have fallen away in fear as months-long labor to establish sovereign Assemblies has been destroyed in a day by lies, sabotage and betrayal. And yet something of what I have sown in good faith has miraculously endured, like the whisper of a dead girl’s story amidst a cacophony of Official Lies.

The same miracle occurred years ago when even the killing of our eyewitnesses to the Canadian Genocide and a massive Church-State coverup did not stop the criminal conviction of Christian Canada and its accomplices, and bring into being the necessity of the Republic of Kanata. The best part of us always survives catastrophe, but only because it is unseen and not owned by this world: like an unsuspected spirit that appears unannounced to expel a possessing entity from its human host.

Over the years, my work seems to have become a collective exorcism of the blood soaked entity that is eating my people alive. It has dulled their hearts and ruled their thoughts for generations and compelled them to commit or fund or tolerate unspeakable crimes against the innocent, all so that the Thing can feed off the agony of their dying souls and the suffering of their victims.

Naming this entity for what it is has lessened its hold on us. But as Jesus himself observed, “Some evil spirits cannot be expelled without the hand of God.” Whenever I speak of Maisie Shaw and the church and culture that caused her slaughter, most Canadians still turn away in denial, or spout the officially benign line of how and why it happened. In their response I see nothing other than parts of a Group Mind rallying against a threat to itself. That Mind does not allow its trapped individuals to see its bestiality for what it is, and to break from it in disgust and horror.

My buddy Frank Ermineskin knows that I’m talking about. I checked in with him the other day at his perch on Hastings street where he survives by dealing cigarettes and other stuff to all the other homeless Indians. Frank took one look at me and remarked how surprised and happy he was that I was still alive. Then he asked me,

“You still occupyin’ churches, Kev?”

When I told him I’d sure like to again, Frank grimaced and replied,

“What the fuck for, man? They’re the walking dead!”

Exorcisms don’t work when there’s nothing left to revive. Then all we can do is conduct a funeral service for the entity and its host alike: in this case, for what is called Canada and the global corporatocracy it represents. Ultimately that’s what I have been doing for a quarter century, as I’ve made my lonely progress through this Land of No One after being shaken from death by a little girl named Maisie who died at our hands but who is more alive now than many who claim to be.

Another murdered innocent advises us to leave the dead to bury their dead, and to go with him and his kind to a new reality. I feel some of that eternal realm come alive when I remember Maisie Shaw and all that she has given me and overturned in our world. May your hidden heart be transformed by forgotten ghosts as this year dies, so that the new world may overcome death and come into being among us. Or as Charles Dickens summed up so well,

“I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach … God bless us, everyone!”



PUBLIC NOTICE, December 26: Summary Judgement Sought in the Name of Justice

PUBLIC NOTICE, December 26. Summary Judgement Sought in the Name of Justice
PUBLIC NOTICE, December 26: Summary Judgement Sought in the Name of Justice


Summary Judgement Sought in the Name of Justice

In the Matter of Kevin Annett v. Justin Trudeau, Jean Chretien et al

Issued December 26, 2020 in the City of Vancouver

Let it be known that an application for a Summary Judgement against the defendants named herein will be made by the plaintiff, Kevin Daniel Annett, before the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the International Common Law Court of Justice on Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

The Judgement will seek the immediate arrest and prosecution of the defendants named herein on a charge of a) participating in an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy against the plaintiff and b) participating in or aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity and other punishable offences.

The defendants named in this application are as follows:

Julie Payette, Governor-General of Canada

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety

Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada

Peter Montague, “E” Division, Royal Canadian Mounted Police  

John Creighton, former CEO and President of Weyerhauser Ltd.

John Cashore, United Church of Canada minister and former Aboriginal Affairs minister in the Government of British Columbia

Marion Best, former Moderator, United Church of Canada

Virginia Coleman, former General-Secretary, United Church of Canada

Jon Jessiman, legal counsel, United Church of Canada

Brian Thorpe, former Secretary, B.C. Conference, United Church of Canada

Phil Spencer, United Church minister

Foster Freed, United Church minister

Anne McNamee and Brian Arkell, private citizens

A press conference and public hearing on this matter will be convened on Monday, January 4, 2020 in the City of Vancouver, within the protective jurisdiction and authority of the Republic of Kanata.                                      

For more information, contact the plaintiff at and see and .

This Notice is endorsed and authorized by the Plaintiff and by the National Council of the Republic of Kanata

Birthing the Better Land: A New Year’s Message from Kevin Annett and the Republic of Kanata

Rev. Kevin Annett
Birthing the Better Land. A New Year’s Message from Kevin Annett and the Republic of Kanata
Birthing the Better Land: A New Year’s Message from Kevin Annett and the Republic of Kanata

Birthing the Better Land:

A New Year’s Message from Kevin Annett and the Republic of Kanata

January 3, 2021  

Those who joined our ranks and ran away when the shooting began knew nothing of our long suffering and what our new Nation cost us in blood. But neither did they know the glory of our triumph nor earn a place in the life of our Republic. - Joseph Plumb Martin, veteran soldier of the revolutionary Continental Army, 1829

For those who journey in this way know themselves to be strangers and pilgrims on the earth, and they seek a better land they can call their own: a heavenly city prepared for them in which the justice of God is upheld. – Hebrews 11:13-16

We have it in our power to begin the world over again. – Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


What was a newborn one year ago has stood and walked among us during 2020: a sovereign Republic struggling to grow amidst a corrupt and dying regime called Canada. We have the COVID police state to thank for that, along with the willingness of some of us to move from talk to action. But our infant Republic of Kanata is at its most vulnerable right now, for the same reason that another child provoked the wrath of a King named Herod: because no tyrant can tolerate the unshackling of his slaves and will kill the infant Liberty in its cradle. Nevertheless, we have shaken the throne of the tyrant.

Last February our Republic was active in just 13 communities. Today that number is 109. Our message that we the people not only can but must govern ourselves and reclaim the nation has caught the imagination of droves of formerly complacent Canadians. This nearly ten-fold growth in the number of our local groups has been accompanied by a twenty-fold increase in the ranks of our sworn Republic citizens who have disavowed their allegiance to Canada and a fictitious monarch. Even government polls show that over 60% of Canadians want a sovereign nation that ends all ties with the criminally convicted Crown of England. 

As John Adams observed in 1793, “The Revolution triumphed in the hearts and minds of the people long before the first shots were ever fired.” So too now in Kanata.

That’s the good news. The downside is that the impulse to liberty in people is constantly constrained by their fear and learned dependency. Even the most “awakened” citizens of our Republic tend to balk at passing and enforcing their own laws that abolish COVID measures, issue arrest warrants or reclaim tax money.

The idea of governing ourselves is fine in theory but frightening when practiced, for then we are directly challenging the Corporate State for power. “But who gives us the authority to do this?” asks even the most committed Republican. Our lifelong conditioning to defer to others and seek our own safety first is the biggest roadblock to the rise of our sovereign Republic, far more than any overt repression by our adversaries. Such caution denies us the chance to earn our freedom and be changed in the process of struggling to win it. 

As Samuel Adams wrote,

“Our people won their final independence from the British Empire only when they clashed with it in arms. The peacetime patriot chooses the path of forbearance and least resistance, clasping to the chains forged around his thoughts until those chains are blasted away.”

I have witnessed this truth time and again over the past year in the two dozen or more Republic Assemblies that I have sparked and helped to organize across Kanata. Often people will pass their own by-laws and then refuse to enforce them. Rather than elect and train their own Sheriffs they will seek out allies among the police. This avoidance has weakened our resolve and our ranks, and aided the destruction of our local Assemblies by saboteurs. 

But something deeper than fear is at work in this mental servitude: namely, a spiritual captivity to the status quo and its Group Mind that must be broken for our actions to catch up to our words.

It was no accident that during the 1740’s a grassroots spiritual revival movement known as the Great Awakening spread across eastern America and set the stage for the Revolution. Many American settlers expected Christ’s imminent return and sought to prepare themselves inwardly and outwardly for a new world. In doing so they learned to be spiritually sovereign and cut their dependence on the established churches and their Crown-ruled Bishops. When many “ordinary” people learned to seek the truth and their own salvation within and among themselves, the will to achieve political independence followed naturally.

By learning to govern their own minds and hearts through the inner freedom of such an Awakening, formerly “colonized” Americans made the revolution possible on the ground. In fact, many of the frontline soldiers in the Continental Army were citizen preachers in the Great Awakening’s free congregations run by and for the people.

It may be self-evident that we are badly in need of such a spiritual Awakening in Kanata. But such a fundamental change cannot be summoned on command – especially in a spiritual dead zone like our global corporate culture. It is undeniable that Canadians in particular seem incapable of imagining anything other than their servitude to a system that drips with the blood of the innocent.

I learned this personally and up close over many years after stumbling on the hard evidence of Canada’s mass murder of children in the Indian “residential schools”, and its continuing genocide. When I and a few others placed the truth of this slaughter before Christian Canada, it responded not only with a general yawn of indifference but an inhumanity that proved its guilt. For the same Church and State that tore children to pieces then absolved themselves of their crime without a trace of heart felt sorrow, reducing an unspeakable abomination to a stale issue of monetary compensation and “apology”. That is the way of the walking dead.

Having had my own life destroyed by the same ghoulish killers, my former allegiance to the corpse called Canada vaporized years ago. But many people with a foothold in the system reside in the gray zone between the old and the new, still bonded to the very thing they verbally oppose. That bond is so deep and habitual that they are normally blind to it, even as it attacks them and stops them from asserting their own freedom.

Our blindness to the horror that should repulse us comes from our own spiritual possession by it. We are raised in this permanent state of possession by an unseen Oversoul whose power over us cannot be destroyed simply by individual effort, but rather, by a new collective spirit. We imagine ourselves to be free enough to create that different presence on our own in the form of a sovereign Republic. But when we actually try to do so our possession will often restrain our minds and our actions.

Since March of 2020, eleven of our Assemblies have been deliberately destroyed from within by paid operatives employing standard divide and conquer methods. But none of their subversion could have worked unless people in these Assemblies were predisposed to fear, manipulation and lies. 

Fortunately, from the ruins of these groups has emerged a remnant of citizens who have learned more of the thing they are fighting and are liberated from their possession by it from having engaged with it. From that experience they are carrying on as veteran leaders who are establishing local Republic cell groups less prone to infiltration, having learned a lesson. That hardened remnant is slowly growing across Kanata. What matters is that we learn from our every experience and persist with the vision and program of the Republic.

If our own Great Awakening will occur in Kanata, it will emerge from out of these hard lessons and our many battles to come. In the course of these tests, something will be sparked that none of can foresee prior to any battle: a power that General Sun Tzu identified when he wrote in The Art of War,

“Do not avoid hopeless situations. Place your troops where they cannot retreat but must fight to the death. In such an inescapable position they will discover a resolve and a courage they never knew they had, and which is more powerful than the sum of their parts. Necessity and conflict evoke such power; it cannot be planned or foreseen.”

Such unexpected power is in truth the doorway to the new society we envision, for it gives people the chance to see the force that can make the Republic a working possibility. If there is one general error our organizers and citizens continue to make it is to not trust the power of a hopeless situation and the capacity of people to change suddenly and unexpectedly. We must use every moment to not simply teach people about the Republic and train them in its creation, but to take advantage of those brief and passing opportunities to strike at our enemies when they are off balance. Many such moments appear and they must be grasped once we have the eyes and wisdom to recognize them. For as Napoleon advised,

“There is a key place and moment in every battle which, if not seized, will turn against you and cause your defeat”.

As 2021 dawns, our Republic is many scattered seeds that have rooted and are beginning to sprout. Only fear and caution is inhibiting their growth. Now is the time for us to be audacious and raise our flag and our nation for all to see, by constantly launching public actions that directly reclaim Kanata under our new jurisdiction. Our local Cells and Assemblies must unite into a national presence so that everyone can recognize the Republic as a working alternative to the criminal conspiracy called Canada. Towards that end, our upcoming Constitutional Convention will create the framework and institutions of our new nation, including a national Supreme Common Law Court and a Congress.

We have found from our experience and from history that the power of any system is in constant flux and can shift in a moment, and that if the revolutionary movement is seasoned and positioned properly to seize that moment, even the strongest tyranny can topple. But without an alternative power, people will neither aid that downfall nor build a new society. It is our job today to create that alternative known as the sovereign Republic of Kanata, knowing in our hearts that it is within our power to begin the world again. , ,

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