Alchemy of Light with DJamil Graham

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Alchemy of Light

Alchemy of Light with DJamil Graham, banner
Show Host: 
DJamil Graham

The Alchemy of Light Broadcast is a celebration and exploration of Consciousness. This show integrates the available progressive social and natural science based genius alongside the more intimate genius of individuals sharing their stories.

For this discussion, Consciousness is the way we feel, think, and perceive ourselves within ourselves and in the world around us. And, it is so much more as we will discover together!

I see that we are at a crossroads and now we must choose love or fear. To open our hearts and minds to love and forgiveness will move us into alignment with the Universal Love Intelligence and we will heal ourselves and the planet; fear will surely self-destruct. Fear in its rightful place and proportion, however, is our natural alert to genuine danger. At this time in our common shared consciousness, fear is being injected into our every day lives, hence Consciousness, in disproportionate amounts, making this emotion inside each of us part of the every day challenge we face in keeping a clear mind, focused intention, and an open heart.

How do we create a world that we can live in? By reclaiming our Consciousness and taking responsibility for what is going on inside of us. Who is doing our thinking? Is it working for us? Why not? We can make substantial strides by asking the big questions and seeking the answers within ourselves. Yes, these challenges can seem quite daunting at times but we don’t have to know everything. We just need to begin, over and over again. As we cultivate our humanity – our True Humanity by developing the loving, creative genius within, everything else naturally falls into place.

We have been waiting for this…some Souls have come here time and again…we have been here before. We know that humanity is being prepared to enter a whole new dimensional reality which will sort out the malaise of apparent past that has been a story of a humanity in conflict with itself. At this time, we will share the restoration of our dignity as a species and as part of the Universe Community.

Alchemy of Light is a broadcast honouring this transformation by offering a platform for our Consciousness to expand and express itself through engaging dialogue with troubadours of truth sharing their stories and tremendous bodies of knowledge.

We are all in this together. By sharing our mutual intelligence, both scientific and experiential, we will ultimately be lead to see where they meet. There is no real separation, there is only a bridge to cross in our understanding.

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