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Djamil Graham, Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Evolving Life Coach, Consciousness Explorer, Writer
DJamil Graham
Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Evolving Life Coach, Consciousness Explorer, Writer

I am DJamil Graham and I am one of those kids that knew I was born with a mission. Throughout my life I have questioned all the answers, and while I have been called a rebel often, I would like to offer a question to all in response…to whom do we serve? To whose rule book are we beholden, and who and what do these rules we choose to live by serve? Do they make us happy? Do they provide a way to better humanity, our Earth, and all of our relations that make up our existence here? Do these rules make us feel good about ourselves and leave us knowing we did the right thing, or do they sink heavy inside our stomach somewhere and linger in the back of our minds as regrets because we knew that something just didn’t feel right? In this world we are forced to ask this question all of the time, and never more than right now. Are we honouring the true conscience of our Soul and living to our highest potential, or are we giving our power away for fear of losing control, control that we never really had to begin with? Are we rebelling against our enslavement or are we rebelling against our own inner wisdom.

I am a writer first, and have enjoyed developing a lot of skills along the way. Allergic to institutions, I am a lifelong active member of the University of Life. I have always been an entrepreneur and about four years ago I had a thriving organising and coaching service.

Then, I had the great honour of accompanying my dear friend, Richie, in his last year and a half of his Earthwalk, bringing me to the presence of a Soul/Spirit leaving the body for the first time. And, just a year and a half later, again, I had the great honour of sharing that very sacred moment of departure with my mother, Juliet Nightingale. It was what I call my death-like experience in that I did share many of the experiences that Near Death Experiencers report. And, thank you to PMH Atwater for writing her book, Coming Back to Life, because reading that book put me back on course to re-enter the world again. What an amasing time to be coming back to life indeed!

In this incarnation I am going to give it all I have to give. It is a celebration and, quite a lot of work lay before us. If there was one word that sums up the Universe Consciousness, to me that word is Unity. We have done a fantastic job picking things apart and putting them in little boxes separating them just so, and now we get to open all those little boxes and put the puzzle together again; together, as the one Human Family that we truly are.

It’s like we are going through the Cosmic car wash and we can’t turn it off. There is stuff spraying at us and on us, and brushes turning and rubbing us rather coarsely at times and these loud noises and groans from we don’t know where…and they are all getting louder and more intense…where does it end? There is a light and it’s inside of each and every one of us…Hit the switch of your Love Light good people! You’re the only one who knows where that is inside of you.

The BlogRoll is an offering of Alternative News and Views that encompass a bigger picture of our world as part of the Universe itself — an Exopolitical exploration. This is more or less a stream of consciousness chosen from the plethora of expressions that come my way on the Internet. My intention is to present good quality information spanning from the more challenging opportunities we face, balanced with the celebration of life and our creativity. It would be awesome to inspire meaningful dialog, ideally with those in our terrestrial lives lives as well as our internet buddies. We can learn a lot from the internet, but it is with our neighbors and close relations with whom we will share these changes most intimately. I hope you find something you enjoy or enriches your life and please, pass it on!