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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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Affirmations For Living Guest, Keidi Awadu June 13, 2013
Chef, Vegan Cook, Health Researcher, Found of Black Star Media Group, Author, Lecturer, Record Producer, Recording Artist, Cryogenics Technician, Reproductive Biologist, Think Tank Member

Family Life

Born in Columbus, Ohio, I am one of four brothers (I do have a twin). I am the divorced father of three beautiful African princesses, all of whom are seriously academic. I have resided in Southern California for 26 years. My personal obsessions include: vegan cooking, my extensive library, everything technical (I am an admitted gadget addict), searching for the world's finest Ethiopian restaurants, travel, health research, global trade and development, as well as associating with people who are all about positive action.

Work Experience

  • Founder and CEO of Black Star Media Group , a multi-media company specializing in web design, streaming media, audio and video production, as well as a spectrum of media production and graphic design services. Founder of, an Internet radio station. I also speak fluent French and Spanish as well as a smattering of Japanese and Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • 1990-2007 AUTHOR / LECTURER: Full time professional writer and author of 18 books. During this period I traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada lecturing from my Conscious Rasta Report . I have appeared on major television shows as well as talk radio throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • 1979-1996 RECORD PRODUCER & RECORDING ARTIST: Produced over 25 record albums for various artists. I am skilled on a number of musical instruments and production tools. At the peak of my recording career I was widely received in Jamaica, France and Spain. As a musician, I have traveled 46 U.S. states.
  • 1974-1978 CRYOGENICS TECHNICIAN: Working in the field of reproductive technology, I was a cryogenics technician in an artificial reproduction sperm-freezing laboratory. I still publish and lecture on reproductive health issues including the recent work, “Sex and Cancer.”

Principle Areas of Research

My father was the noted industrial chemist George Howard . As such, I am well versed and extensively published in such areas as culture, history, ethnicity & society, reproductive biology, health & nutrition, science & technology, as well as the practical application of information technologies. Within the African American community, I have become a widely referenced source to counter the misinformation surrounding HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive issues.

Professional Affiliations

I was a member of the D.C.-based think tank Information Project For Africa for over a decade. On the west coast, I was closely affiliated with the Afrikan Culture & Research Center Long Beach for over a dozen years. I am founder of the 7 th Millennium Academy of Consciousness, a youth advocacy organization. My latest endeavor is founding of an African Centered Internet radio talk station, along with the complimentary web television. Additionally, I am currently working on a number of video productions and independent documentaries.

Affirmations For Living Guest, Latricia Wright July 11, 2013
Owner of Olive Seed LLC, Health Promoter, Body Chemistry Analyst, Herbalist, Sports Nutrition Consultant, Kids Fitness Instructor, Holistic Researcher, Cook

Latricia is the owner and founder of Olive Seed, LLC with a passion for promoting health and healing in the community. Latricia’s interest in issues of health began as a young teen with the passing of her father from a brain aneurism and grandmother from diabetes. Almost 10 years later Latricia was terrified when her husband was plagued with symptoms similar to her father’s. Latricia was only seeking to improve her health and save her husband’s life when she began studying Reams Biological Theory to Ionization, achieving the distinction of a Body Chemistry Analyst. To date Latricia is an Herbalist, Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and Kids Fitness Instructor with studies in Holistic Nutrition and Agriculture. Latricia hosts "Healthy Living Discussions" devoted to spotlighting what she says is a “disconnect about health” within our community. She supports participants who have committed their lives to some spectrum of the health continuum, about which she states, “Nutrition is only part of the story.” She believes the human body was built to innately heal itself given the right therapy. Latricia services include both child and adult nutrition, fitness and cooking seminars with the goal of ensuring the health of not only kids, but also families and communities. She understands good nutrition starts in the home. Latricia's newly adopted name, “Mama NuTrish” was purposely created to facilitate the Healthy STAR Program. An initiative designed to help kids and teens understand wise food choices and daily physical activity are building blocks to promoting health and reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Affirmations For Living Guest, Jeff Fasano September 04, 2013
Transformational Messenger

Jeff Fasano is an author, Reiki Master, Light Ascension Therapist, trance channel and a well-respected photographer in the Indie Music scene and Broadway Theater. He has photographed a wide range of musicians and Hollywood stars that include The Avett Brothers, Terrence Howard, Wilco, James Earl Jones, Conor Oberst, Phylicia Rashad, Blair Underwood, Quincy Jones, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee, Stephen Stills, Judy Collins, Raphael Saadiq, Taraji P. Henson and Leighton Meester. His work has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Time Magazine, Paste Magazine, Gotham Magazine, L.A. Confidential, The New York Times, The N.Y. Daily News, The Village Voice, M Music and Musicians Magazine. His portraits grace posters for major Broadway Productions including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Street Car Named Desire. He has also photographed for record labels such as RCA, Koch, Roadrunner Records, Vanguard, New West, Republic and Decca Records.

Jeff found his calling to move beyond the lens and published his first book in 2010, Journey of the Awakened Heart. At this time, he began to make the profound connection between his unique gift of capturing the essence of the person in his photography images with his desire to reveal the elegance and authenticity of their heart and soul.

Jeff is a Transformational messenger for the teachings from Archangelic realms imparting their wisdom and guidance to the world At the age of forty he found his passion for photography that led him to live a life he only imagined and became the doorway to his life purpose. He channels the energy of Archangel Michael and imparts Michael’s teachings so we can discover who we are, why we are here and find our passion and purpose in this lifetime.

He is the co-founder of the Angel News Network. 

Affirmations For Living Guest, Dr Edwige September 11, 2013
Metaphysical Practitioner, Light code activator, author, spiritual adviser

Dr. Edwige -  is a Metaphysical Practitioner, Light code activator, author, and spiritual advisor.  In service to humanity, she has become the living embodiment of the Cosmic Mother or to the indigenous peoples the Peacock Goddess. She now walks between both worlds: In the physical, while connected multi-dimensionally with higher realms of existence and holding the holographic energetic template form for all Starseed races as we dawn a new beginning in time.  She ushers in change as a surrogate of divine femininity. By demonstrating what is achievable by us all, she walks the Highest Path, constantly traveling to all the dimensions, passing through every Gate of Ascension, in possession of the Codes & keys to your total activation.  She has come to assist and guide us through the many processes of Ascension and to usher in the Feminine Healing necessary for the Great Shift.

Experience the amazing transformational gifts that Dr. Edwige holds and is here to share with humanity.

She is a powerful receptor of pure Light essence bestowed by The Divine Source Creator. Dr. Edwige uses Ancient Star Language in her work that is done on a cellular level, raising your frequency, transmitting sound directly for your soul, reaching deep into your core to clear old memories and programs, activating your higher consciousness, bringing attunement to you as a multi-dimensional being that you are.  These light codes will help to unlock your divine blueprint awakening your DNA and activation of your Crystaline Light body.

She declares that we are all that holds us back from inner-peace and succeeding and will show how to experience expansion into your multiverse reality and your next powerful step in evolution!

Her award-winning book “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” will change the way you see the “Awakening” while answering the age-old question of “Are we alone?”

Affirmations For Living Guest, Omiyale Jube September 25, 2013
Book Author

Omiyale Jubé is the CEO and Founder of Navigate Your Existence, an organization designed to open new portals of understanding for those who desire to “Take Control of their Life’s Destination.”

Omiyale, also known as Anika Johnson, was born and raised on 125th street in Harlem, New York. Early in life, at the whim of the New York City school system, she was labeled culturally deprived, underprivileged, and emotionally disturbed.  She is a survivor of abusive relationships and an attempted suicide. Her journey began searching for answers. Omiyale’s discovery of her rich African heritage restored a sense of being, a step towards claiming self-worth. Yet, still looking externally for answers and not feeling in control, the quest continued. Searching for answers on a spiritual level opened doors to understanding her being on a more profound level, her very existence.  

Omiyale’s journey consisted of a series of “aha” moments that simplified the most complex and sometimes misunderstood concepts of life, converting them to tools of empowerment fueling her transformation.

She possesses an uncanny ability to provide answers to those yet unanswered, nagging questions about life, provide new perspectives with which to view the world, and guide individuals to look within for direction.

Sharing these “aha’ moments affords an extraordinary connection to her audiences as she guides them to ignite the power within. She utilizes her journey to teach others how to find their internal compass, and chart their course of destination. Omiyale’s journey as an acclaimed speaker and commitment to service has won her numerous awards and recognition from various organizations and persons of distinction.

Currently, Omiyale resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Amongst her accomplishes, she is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Personal and Spiritual Coach, and Reiki Master.  A retired school administrator, she has always been inspired to share knowledge, effect change, and champion the evolution of humanity. Her speaking and coaching series is dedicated to the resurrection of mind, body, and soul, and to the ascension of consciousness for the human collective.  

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