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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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Chuck and Julie talk with investigative columnist Michael Thau… the foremost expert on the Russia…

Christina Maria Kramer
New Show Topic

CELEBRATE the blessings of the healing wisdom of the heart, meet Christina Maria Kramer ,…

The Chuck & Julie Show
New Show Topic

Chuck and Julie talk wth Tim Smith, a conservative leaning African American who attended the Bernie…

Eleanor Holmes Norton
New Show Topic

DC Statehood Update with DEL. ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON!  Members of the House Committee on Oversight…

Challamar Rayne
New Show Topic

Discover Redox Molecules and Change Your Life Discover Redox Molecules - the Elegant Resolution to…

Reverend Kevin D Annett
New Show Topic   On the seventh anniversary of the forced resignation from his office…

The Chuck & Julie Show - #TruthStraightUp
New Show Topic

Chuck and Julie weigh in on Trump’s tweets and AG Barr. Plus guest Jan Cook Combs with Colorado…

We use gravity to do most of the work to rebalance the muscles
New Show Topic

Interview description: My Father now 95 developed the Sacro Wedgy many years ago to mimic an…

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