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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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Life Changes Show Guest, George Karpasitis June 05, 2023
Music composer, producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist


George Karpasitis’ language is music. He is a Los Angeles based music composer, producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, best known for his lyrical guitar style. He has performed and recorded internationally, in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, such as Abbey Road Studios in London, UK.

He was born and raised on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, where from a young age he was exposed to the local sounds of Greek and Middle Eastern music, as well as The Beatles and Louis Armstrong, through his dad’s audio cassette collection. His relentless love for music led him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Guitar Performance from the London Centre of Contemporary Music, and a Master’s Degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music.

As of 2023, George has released two albums of original compositions for solo classical guitar (‘Sounds of Mar Vista’, 2019 and ‘Breakwater’ 2020), and has worked in the music department for more than 20 films, including titles by Disney and Discovery Plus. His debut single as a singer-songwriter, titled ‘Speaking of Love’, was released in 2021. He has also recorded and produced artists such as ceremonial songstress Winter Jendayi (‘Hilos Sagrados’, 2022), world music duo Corasonho (‘Ebo’, 2022) and singer-songwriter Wesley Sol (‘Om Shreem/Nas Aguas’, 2022).

He is currently creating the sound and music of ‘Palmares’, a historically based Capoeira action musical that will be performed as part of the Hollywood Fringe festival throughout June 2023. He is also producing the upcoming debut EP by the Golden Sisters collective, who bridge culture, tradition and language through their songs. His next personal release, titled ‘Sounds of Rajasthan’ will be a collection of mantras he learned during his recent travels to India.

When he is not creating music, George enjoys meditation, martial arts, travel and long walks in nature, where he finds inspiration.

Life Changes Show Guest, Nate Zeleznick May 29, 2023
Founder of the White Dove Method, martial artist, keynote speaker, master trainer, and spiritual leader


Nate Zeleznick, is the trailblazing Founder of the White Dove Method, an extraordinary fusion of ancient wisdom and science. For 500+ years, the Kings of Java, Indonesia, safeguarded their secrets of energetic martial arts, meditation, breathwork, and perception.

In 1999 Nate became the first non-Indonesian person ever granted permission to bring these time-honored practices to the U.S., revolutionizing the realms of breathwork, meditation, personal energy development, energy healing, and reproducible superhuman abilities.

With his captivating presence, Nate engages audiences worldwide as a sought-after keynote speaker, master trainer, and spiritual leader. Having triumphed over life-and-death situations, he has become the driving force behind one of the ONLY U.S. schools authorized to teach these awe-inspiring capabilities.

Life Changes Show Guest, DAVID NEPTUNE May 29, 2023
Award-winning documentary filmmaker, musician and instrument producer


David is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, musician and instrument producer based in Los Angeles. 

Born and raised in Japan, David was influenced from a young age by his father John Kaizan Neptune who is a renowned shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player. 

Inspired by the deep nature of Japan and his father’s music, David takes a heart-centered, joyful approach to music and improvised collaboration. He is currently producing the ‘Takeda,” an entirely new bamboo drum invented by his father. 

David’s documentary work as a story producer includes “Street Food” on Netflix, “Marvel’s 616” on Disney+, and a current Hulu original series, “Mastermind” set to release in 2024. 

His debut feature film, “Words Can’t Go There” released in 2019, is a personal look at his father’s life and the dynamics between passion and family. 

David focuses on the same intention with his music and films – to inspire people to open their hearts and let their inner sun shine through. 

More About David Neptune and his Takeda Drum at :

Filmmaking site:

Takeda Drum site:




Trailer to “Words Can’t Go there:”

Responder Resilience Guest, Daniel Sundahl June 14, 2023
Photo Artist, Paramedic, Firefighter

Daniel Sundahl (DanSun) is a published artist and writer and has three (3) art books 
produced of his works. Articles of his work are featured in several international publications. His art is recognized worldwide, and he travels internationally, speaking about his art and personal 
experiences with occupational stress injuries and post-traumatic growth. He is an 
advanced care paramedic, pre-hospital educator, a retired firefighter, photographer 
and photo editor.

Life Changes Show Guest, BENKI PIYAKO May 22, 2023
Spiritual leader and creator of the Yorenka Tasorentsi Educational and Spiritual Institute


Benki has been referred to as a leading spiritual leader from the Amazon. He comes from an Antaviari lineage in Ashaninka culture, a term meaning “a direct Messenger of God “. Benki has embraced the struggle for the rights of his community since his teens, replanting over 2.5 million trees. In 2007, as a Secretary of Environment Acre, Brazil, he inaugurated the Yorenka Ãtame agroforestry center, where he began to rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicted youth by teaching them to work with Nature.

He thus brought people and endangered animal/plant species together again. He also created the world’s first eco-market which exchanges plastic for food in Amazonia. Benki has helped many indigenous groups to recover their culture. He is a recipient of the UN Equator Prize alongside his community, Apiwtxa. More recently, he has created the Yorenka Tasorentsi Educational and Spiritual Institute to pursue his environmental and spiritual work.

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