Wish Upon A Star with Anndell Banks

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Talk Radio Show Program

Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell Banks
Show Host: 
Anndell Banks

"Wish Upon A Star" is a dynamic program dedicated to spotlighting talent in the arts arena.  Conversations discussing the challenging elements of visual, musical, literary, painting, and the performing arts. We will interview professional guests in the fields of entertainment law, copyrighting, studio recording, songwriting, publishing, and other topics in these highly creative and challenging fields."

Bi-Weekly Show
Station 1
11:00 am PT
11:55 am PT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Wish Upon A Star, April 3, 2018 Guest, Derrick Camper, President at Ocean Atlantic Marketing Co
Wish Upon A Star, March 20, 2018 Guests, Jesse Powers, Jr., music educator, bassist, sound engineer, and band leader of SPICE
Wish Upon A Star, March 6, 2018 Guest, Nathaniel T Rice - Songwriter, Record Producer and Recording Artist
Wish Upon A Star, January 16, 2018 Guest, Philosopher, Dr. Dean Scott, Writer, teacher, Founder of "100 Strong Male Role Models"
Wish Upon A Star, October 4, 2017 Guest, Cedric Lamont Johnson
Wish Upon A Star, September 6, 2017 Guest, Rodney Kelley
Wish Upon A Star, August 16, 2017 Guest, Delandria Mills
Wish Upon A Star, July 19, 2017 Guest, Barbie Johnson, Poet and Published Author


Talk Show Program Host

Anndell V. Banks Anndell V. Banks
Ballet Dancer, Tap Dancer, Modern Dancer, Swing Dancer, Accomplished Painter, Artist, Fund Raiser, Motivation Speaker, Variety Show Producer, Jazz DJ, Talk Show Host

Anndell has been emerged in several areas of the arts since an early age. She studied and performed ballet and tap, as well as modern dance. As an adult, she participated and won several Swing Dance competitions. Her love for the arts also extends to being an accomplished artist with many of her paintings displayed in homes around the country. The microphone and speaking is no stranger to Anndell, she has been the MC for many fund raising events, a motivational speaker for displaced workers and a lead part in a stage play. Anndell has scripted and produced musical variety shows, and is a well known Jazz D.J. (Jazzy Lady) which keeps her busy throughout the year

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