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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 12 May 2021

Where Genealogy and Spirit Connect with Susan E King

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Show Host:
Susan E. King

Susan is a Genealogy columnist with The Examiner. As the Genealogy Examiner, Susans column covers cover the gamut of genealogical topics with a rare twist. Through this column Susan will be building a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey of finding our ancestors and finding ourselves. Through a deeper understanding of our history and the history of others will we be.

We live in both very exciting times and very troubling times. But we live in a time where we really do have an opportunity to change; change how we think and feel about ourselves; change how we think and feel about others. We have an opportunity to teach the next generations the importance of preservation, the importance of respect, and the importance of tolerance. There is no better modality than through the study and sharing of our genealogies, our research and through our feelings.

In this light, Susan has launched a new social network,, the place Where genealogy and spirit connect. This site is designed to assist others to embark on their own personal journey tofind your family, find yourself. Susan will be providing start-up consulting, ongoing monitoring and collaborative services as requested and special services.

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Susan E King

Susan E. King
Radio Talk Show Host, Genealogist

Where Genealogy and Spirit Connect host, Susan E. King, is a professional genealogist and the founder of one of the early and most successful social networking organizations in the field of genealogy. JewishGen, formed in 1987, emerged from her leadership, as a world class institution with a user base spanning the globe.

Susan has been acknowledged for her contributions to genealogy as follows:

Director's Award by the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), 1997.

Outstanding Contribution to Jewish Genealogy via the Internet Award by the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS), 1998.

Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, (IAJGS), 2005 During a 27 year journey, looking back and now forward, Susan has chosen to follow her passion, taking a slight departure from the norm; to begin to look at the field of genealogy through a different set of lenses. Susan has traveled throughout the world and these experiences helped developed a better understanding of self; her motivations and the spirit that drives her. There is no doubt that the lives of her ancestors have played a dramatic role in her professional development and her life.

A near death experience in January,2007 changed the course of her life forever. It was unexplainable and at times daunting. And it reached so deep, deeper than she had ever ventured before. Since then, Susan has been working actively to hone her skills in the spiritual industry.

Susan is also a Radio Talk Show Host on BBSRadio. Her show, Where genealogy and spirit connect airs each Monday at 7 PM PT. Each week there will be a special guest alternating between the genealogy and spiritual industries. Audience participation is welcome.