Guest Name, Yvonne E L Silver

Yvonne E L Silver
Yvonne E L Silver
Coach and Mentor

Professionally I hold Certified Executive Coach and Chartered Human Resources Professional status, am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Consultant, with over 20 years of experiences in corporate and start-ups in Director and VP level roles before founding my own organization.  I serve on the Board for The Nest Foundation (helping women rebuild their lives after trauma) and Mentorship Chair for BPW (Business and Professional Women) Calgary, as well as developing custom mentorship programs (including BOSS Chicks for Canadian Business Chicks).  As a mission-inspired Founder I bridge the gap between profitable business ventures and not-for-profit ventures – using business for good.



You learn about business when you experience your first job, become your first entrepreneur (or in my case as a kid-preneur at an early age of around 7 as a hired dog-walker). Much of your learning comes from visualizing a product or service offering, launching it, and watching it grow.  Sometimes seeing it not work out exactly as you had hoped is part of the process. Been there - done that!  However, in order to succeed (or have a deep learning), you need to "step into the arena" (as Sociologist, Professor and Author Brene Brown says).  You have to ACT and this is the journey of the entrepreneur: Strategize, Act, Observe, Measure, Modify, Repeat.

Having Wisdom Nuggets can save you a ton of heartache and painful learning, which is why I love being a Mentor, and creating Mentorship Programs (custom-designed for my clients and now my own program - "Wisdom Circles").  Learning from a 20+ year seasoned business owner can help you decide on the strategy that will have the maximum impact with the least risk, as you trial your new offering. "Words, Women and Wisdom" the book focuses on having more confident conversations, which evolve from seeing success (in your life and business), and business booster tips can shorten the leaning curve.

Today she shares several of her 21 "Business Booster Tips",
which have resonated for my female entrepreneurs, business owners and clients, and exploring several of the book concepts for success.