Guest Name, Trisha Mahi

Trisha Mahi
Trisha Mahi Channels the Dead

I was visited by angels as a very sick child. What antibiotics that were available back then weren't working and I was sliding into a very bad state. Two angels came into my room with a tremendous bright light. The next morning I toddled into my room and announced the angels had made me better. But, the angels had made "a mistake". They forgot to shut the door to the beyond. I pined for them, remembering having my picture taken the next year with hands folded and hair parted neatly with no smile on my face. I wanted to go back home to the angels because that is where I belonged. Luckily I busied myself with school, then boys, then real work. But, at retirement I became rather ill again spending 3 hours in agony in hospital with no anesthesia. I prayed to die. God made a deal. He would let me open the door a bit wider to serve those who have passed by uniting them with loved ones. This is now my reason for being and my reason for hanging around the planet. I love my work and wouldn't trade it for any other occupation! Relieving human suffering by reuniting the living with those who have passed is heaven on earth.