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Sally Ann Hunter
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Sally Hunter- Poet and Biologist crafts a novel that captures Ocean's allure, advocates for environmental protection-

Sally Hunter, the author of Transfigured Sea advocates for environmental protection. Sally, an Australian woman who has dedicated her entire career to environmental policy and marine biology, issues a challenge to each of us.

Transfigured Sea is a work of literary fiction, written in prose with a few poems included. Minimal use of dialogue facilitates its dream-like atmosphere.

“If you feel attracted to the sea creatures and ecosystems described in my book, tell me what you are going to do to protect them,” says Sally Ann Hunter.

Her book, Transfigured Sea, examines the relationship of two women as they explore the depths of the ocean’s natural beauty.

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Hunter is available in an interview to discuss the following:

· What we each of us can do to protect the planet and the oceans.

· What poses a direct threat to marine life and the integrity of sensitive ecosystems.

· Why she devotes her career to environmental policy and marine biology.

· How the effects of the moonlight on the ocean also impact the author’s relationship with her partner – and why she wrote of a deep connection between nature and love.

· How one can undergo a powerful transformation.

· Why she employed a Nature Writing style to tell her story.

· How two women journey to explore every ecosystem of the ocean while also exploring their own natures.

“This book is about two women who journey to explore every ecosystem of the ocean, while also exploring their own inner natures,” says Hunter. “They are accompanied by a magical conch shell. Nereids who are water nymphs and many sea creatures. They have no idea of the profound transformation which will come to them.”


Sally Ann Hunter is a biologist and environmental policy officer. She also is a published writer.

Hunter has published a book, Transfigured Sea, as well as a collection of poetry called The Structure of Light, and a biography called You Can't Keep a Good Man Down: From Parkinson's to a new life with Deep Brain Stimulation.

A paper she wrote on the biography was read on ABC Radio's Ockham's Razor, as was a paper on living with solar power. A number of her poems have been published in anthologies and online.

As a biologist, she worked for the CSIRO and the Waite Campus-of the University of Adelaide. As an Environmental Policy Officer, she worked at the Department for Water Resources and Conservation SA. She also did considerable voluntary work for the environment. Previously, Hunter worked for the Commonwealth Employment Service at several locations and the Hahndorf Nursing Home.

Hunter obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology at Flinders University and as a biologist she worked for the CSIRO and the Waite campus of the University of Adelaide.

She also obtained a Masters of Environmental Studies through the University of Adelaide and as an environmental policy officer worked at the Department for Water Resources and Conservation SA.

Hunter was involved in Poetry Studio at Writers SA and the festival of nature writing in Port Adelaide 2022. In 2017, she was a participant in Manuscript Incubator, a 10-month course in writing a novel. She founded the Mt Barker Tree Planting Group in the early 1980s and was president of the Mount Lofty Ranges Association and later the President of Southern Districts Environment Group and recently participated in the “our patch” Bushcare group in Blackwood and received a gold medal as part of the Australia Day honors.

The lives in the Adelaide Hills of Australia with her cat, Francis.