Guest Name, Rev Colleen Lemma CHt

Rev Colleen Lemma CHt
Colleen Lemma
Angelic Astrologer & Spiritual Consultant

I was hoping to cut and paste my biography here but it seems that that feature does not work on this site page. I truly started my spiritual journey when I moved to Lansing, Michigan in 1994, however I can now look back and see that my whole life has been a journey in the unfolding and awakening of who I am today. I am an astrologer, intuitive, empath, teacher, counselor and guide. I use many spiritual tools to share messages and have taught a variety of subject matter. You can see my page on Angel Messenger for a more detailed description of me and you can check out some of my youtube videos by searching Colleen Lemma youtube videos. I also have a great many of those youtube videos, along with all the monthly Angelic Astrology articles that I have written on Angel Messenger. You may wonder why I do not have a website of my own. I certainly did at one time until about a year ago when someone hacked into, and totally destroyed it......then through a series of coincidences (which we know doesn't really exist) I was contaced by Rev. Sheri of Angel Messenger to be a consultant on her site and the rest, as they say, is history! Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be a guest on BBS Radio! Love and Light to you!

United States