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Mrs Jeannechristie Drinkel
Your Pitch

The show is 90 mins long. I have a co-host Gary Moore, who is usually there, and I am sure he would love to be a guest also.

Hi Guys- great to meet you!

Thank you for contacting me!
I am a singer/songwriter from Near Liverpool U.K.
I channel and record Progressive House, Progressive Rock, and Inspirational and Meditational tracks,
many of which are on Youtube.
For the past 7 years I have hosted the GoldRing Healing Fountain Radio show on Blogtalk Radio.
I book guests of all Healing Modalities and and Religious persuasions and none.
The 90 min show airs weekly from 5Pm Est - 6.30 Pm from the switchboard in New York.
I can speak about any related subjects 
I am usually assisted by Gary Moore, a very spiritually evolved Lakota Indian.
I am sure he would love to be on your show too!
I am probably 5 Hrs ahead of you time- wise!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon
Love+ Hugs
singer/songwriter. blogtalk radio host
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United Kingdom