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Possible Show Titles/Themes: The 7 Keys to Authentic Success How to Avoid Life's Deepest Regret and Make Your Destiny Defining Decision Today How to Build a Successful Business Based on your Own Passions that Actually Matters There are a couple of options. One is a show directly related to my book (details below) or a more generalist themed show where the aim is to inspire and teach the listeners how they could get unstuck from their fears and doubts, live authentically and make a key dramatic life change for the better. I'll leave sample interview questions related to both types of show below the book synopsis. My upcoming book that I can freely talk about is about self-development and inspirational stories of success, as each author answers the question “What was the thought process behind the best life decision you have ever made?” Synopsis: “Destiny Defining Decisions” offers new and established entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive inspirational and practical guidance from 11 best-selling business experts and reveals 7 key skills of success and a simple 5 phase step by step business blueprint to allow readers to start or enhance their passions based business immediately. The list of guests include experts who run multi-multi-million dollar companies, who publish New York Times Bestselling books (with some individual title’s having sold more than 1 million copies on their own) and who have a combined net worth of over $300 million. Receive: • Negotiation strategies from the world’s most respected negotiation teacher. • Executive coaching insights from a top 5 world ranked executive coach. • Life purpose clarity techniques from a hall of fame keynote speaker • Creativity tips from a leading Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist • Successful start from scratch business building tips from an extremely high net worth serial entrepreneur. And more… BOOK BASED SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: 1.What is the core inspiration behind Destiny Defining Decisions? 2. Based on your findings, what is the #1 key to success? 3.There are sections of the book where you mock the business/self-development industry through your “fantasy gifts.” What was the purpose of that? 4.What is a “must do” strategy from the book you can share 5.What is a passions-based business? 6.Which was your favorite interview? 7.As a relatively “unknown” author, how did you get such big name experts to agree to participate? 8.You even take a brief look at historical heroes and the decisions made that changed the course of history. Who is your biggest inspiration? 9.What are the key skills people will learn through this book? What is the MARVELS model? 10. Will people specifically know how to start or enhance their business by the end of this book? BONUS - You have a special gift for our audience today. What is it? GENERALIST SHOW QUESTIONS: What have you found to be the #1 life regret people have and how can it be avoided? What is a destiny defining decision? What kind of people have you studied who have made such decisions? How do you break free from potential crushing habits and develop an abundance focus? How did your life transformation occur? How can others do the same? How do we avoid inspirational impotence? Why do you say we all have multiple parents and how did your 3 fathers and 2 mothers change your life? How do we overcome our invisible toxic addictions and create enriching addictions? Based on your findings, what is the #1 key to success? You're often quite critical or even mocking of the self-development industry. Why is that? What is the one thing a person must do to follow their passion and turn it into a business? What is a passions-based business and why is it the most important thing you could do with your life? What are some of the key skills for business success? Who is your biggest inspiration?

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Aleks George Srbinoski is an author, speaker and multidisciplinary psychologist focusing on mental health, success, happiness and entrepreneurship. Known as a leading expert in success and happiness strategies, he is the founder of and author of the Success Secrets Series, and the Fulfilling Happiness Program. His most recent book, “Destiny Defining Decisions”, is based on the interviews from his radio show and reveals the wisdom and inspiration behind the success of some of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world. Addicted to self-development, humor and connecting to like-minded people you can follow him on Twitter (@AleksPsych) or email and he will respond in a timely fashion.

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