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Maureen K Calamia
Your Pitch

What if I told you that your home is draining your energy and stressing you out? The cure can be found in nature connection in your home. The principles of feng shui + biophilic design give us the guidelines for homes that nurture and restore harmony and joy in our lives. 

“Connection to nature” or rather, lack of it, is a critical topic making headlines today. We are only beginning to understand the consequences on our body, mind, and spirit, but articles in The New York Times and The Washington Post say we need a solution to bring human nature back into balance. 

Experts now acknowledge that our indoor environments have a significant impact on our thoughts and behavior, so much so that “ecotherapy” is a rising career path in the field of psychology. “Biophilic design,” or incorporating natural materials, light, vegetation, and more into an indoor environment, is breaking into the mainstream and the Five Elements of feng shui (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) are a wonderful complement to facilitate restoration of nature in our spaces. 

In addition, the Five Elements are a natural part of our personalities – motivations, emotions, drives and behavior. When we identify our primary Element and any that are out of balance we can create a unique, custom environment that will truly support our energy. 

My belief is that creating a home that embraces nature, both in matter and energy, is the secret to a space that makes us feel more aware and alive. 

This is the focus of my consulting work, my certification training “Re-Nature Feng Shui” and a new book that  I am currently writing, Creating Luminous Spaces: Shift the Energy of Your Home & Ignite Your Personal Power that will be published in 2017. 


I’m not just another feng shui consultant. For the past twelve years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and created a professional live online certification program called Re-Nature Feng Shui. This past September 2016, I led a group of students on a retreat in Stony Brook, NY, training them to use these methods to help their clients regain balance. I’ve also gained valuable experience on the executive board of directors of the International Feng Shui Guild and as a volunteer at Sweetbriar Nature Center, a wildlife education center. I have self-published two eBooks on feng shui available on my website: Feng Shui in the Workplace and Feng Shui Front Door. My piece, “Why Plants Make Us Feel Good,” for The Huffington Post has been shared widely and reprinted. I am also a contributor to Creations Magazine and Canvas LI Magazine. 

What is Your True Nature?

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