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M A Carrano
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M.A. Carrano is an experimental philosopher and systems consultant living and working out of Yale-New Haven, Connecticut, as the Senior Intelligence Analyst and Vice President of Avatar Paradigms: a consulting agency whose mission is to bring the message of holism, synergy and conscious evolution into the homes, universities and corporate board rooms throughout the United States. As a former U.S. Congressional candidate, at present Carrano resides as the sitting Chair of Philosophy for The Libertarian Party of Connecticut as well as an acting representative of the Global Association of Systems Thinking. He is 34. If you would like to reach M.A. Carrano to arrange for a public appearance, a speaking event or to purchase life coaching, business consulting or even existential consulting services - or even simply to field your questions or concerns regarding matters of personal, professional, political or philosophical importance, then visit M.A. Carrano's website or simply respond to this rejoinder by submitting the nature of your inquiry and you will receive a timely and thorough response.


WHO IS M.A. CARRANO? -Sarah Afshar, Yahoo! Voices "If you've ever visited New Haven, Connecticut, home of Yale University, then you would be hard-pressed to miss the gothic architecture with its sleepy alleys and ivy-laden masonry. Even less conspicuous, but of equal notoriety, are the streams of bohemians that pass in nonchalance between the university and the green on their way to any of New Haven's museums, art galleries and coffee shops. But if you look even harder, in the corners of the Atticus Bookstore, Cafe 9 or even the weight room at The Edge, then you might, just might, chance an encounter with the smug, incisive and often incendiary genius of M.A. Carrano. Born Michael Anthony in July of 1979, at 33 years of age the experimental philosopher and cultural contrarian has come to establish a reputation for himself not only as one of human potential's most effective proponents, but also as one of philosophy's most dangerous minds. With a retinue of alien insights, a curious testament to a extraordinarily high IQ possessed only by 1 in 14 million, by combining insights deriving from a vast spectrum of exotic and seemingly incompatible sources, the gist of Carrano's arguments, though frequently counterintuitive, strike with a cold sobriety that is not only sensible and clear, but is quite often voiced in a tone that has earned Carrano the status as a conceptual samurai for both his penetrating insights as well as his unflinching ability when it comes to melting down dissenters."​