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Lyon G Payley Zonamyari
Your Pitch

Give me a name and I will give you a story.

From birth, the combination of your names shape and define your character, your personality and both your mental and physical health. More amazing, the letters from each of your names influence events at predetermined years, affecting the way you go about your life. Parents unknowingly name their kids with a life of bliss, fame and fortune or sickness, doom and gloom. Incredible, maybe, but true!

The book “Name Reality” clearly demonstrates why Oscar Pistorious pulled the trigger. This incredible system shows his personality and a life chart revealing when his mood swings become more volatile. You may like to know that O J Simpson was in very similar name conditions when Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman met their fate. On a better note this system shows what has assisted Rihanna and Simon Cowell to attain such huge success.

I also show the life chart of Catherine Zeta Jones demonstrating why and when her bipolar disorder erupts. Twenty celebrity names are analyzed in my book and I am adding more to my website. Give me a name and I will give you a story.

I would like to introduce you to an almost lost and forgotten system that proves your given documented names affect your life, for better or worse.

This is not a new hokey pokey theory and this is not numerology. This system was originally used in ancient times by affluent families to name their children for a prosperous happy and healthy life. It has been documented many times over the last several thousand years but was for the most, kept a secret. When you see for yourself how accurate this system is, you will understand why it has been kept under wraps. I was so empowered, I felt compelled to share it with the world. I gathered all the available information then extensively researched, updated and expanded the system, compiling everything into a two hundred page book. I have titled it Name Reality.

Name Reality shows you how, why and what you can do.

The cover of my book describes the remarkable information at your fingertips. The introduction tells you the history and how you can use this system to your advantage. The chapters that follow, show you how to crack the code to analyze yourself or another person and understand why we behave the way we do, when we do. For some, self-awareness is enough, enabling us to take better control of our lives. The book then goes further and shows you how to modify a name or create a new vibrant positive name for you or your baby. Yes, incredible as it may seem, changing your name can change the way you live your life. This book allows you to discover for yourself that names affect the lives of everybody on this planet. The laws of attraction are real. Your names can help, hinder or halt your progress.


Name Reality is a result of the author’s relentless quest in search for answers to life itself. There is nothing more important or fascinating to each individual than his or her own personal life. There is not one human being who would not master his own individual life if he could. Your names influence your life for better or worse. Name Reality shows you how, why and what you can do.

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