Guest Name, Lon Dorsey

Lon Dorsey
Lon Dorsey On Business and Law
TV/Radio Host, Jazz Musician, iconoclastic Singer, multiple Grammy winner slash humanitarian

Lon Dorsey 38 year TV/Radio Host is whom MOST people don't know, the play
brother of Lou Rawls! That's right, the iconoclastic Singer, multiple Grammy
winner slash humanitarian who raised short order $200 million for UNCF, and
start in many movies, voice actor, you name it.
But wait a minutes, Lon looks and SOUNDS like Lou Rawls too, and at times
you can't tell who's actually singing.. Lou, or Lon. Wait a minute again, because
Lana Rawls, wife of Lou Rawls and mother of Lou Rawls, Jr. and Louanna Rawls,
and Lon are working on the book of Lou and Lana's life together! It has the
good and some of the bad in it.
The book, "The Real Lou Rawls Story," will be finished in about a month, and
Lana says that Lon will be in the book, and singing in the movie. Does Lon have
his own mind and voice - better believe it. But when he and Lou Rawls were
hanging out in Dallas, Texas, little did Lon know that he would be Lou's stand in
with the family.
A movie by the same name will be produced, and Lana says it will be a doozy!
Lana and Lon talk about the fire that kindled the soul of Lou Rawls, the good,
and the bad years. What did Lou Rawls say when he discovered that he and Lon
looked alike?
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