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Liberty Forrest
Your Pitch

I had just turned 16. I woke up one morning, having had a horrific dream that my two closest childhood friends were dead.

As I dressed for school, I couldn't shake the feeling -- or the images in the dream. I went to the kitchen and as I sat at the table for breakfast, I told my parents the details of the disturbing dream. They looked at each other like I had six heads before my dad went to get the morning paper from the living room.

Unceremoniously plunking it in front of me, he pointed to an article. The terrible dream had, in fact, been a message from beyond the grave. The sisters were dead. And I was completely unhinged.

That incident opened a floodgate of activity and ability as a psychic and medium. There might have been many before it, but I was living in a highly toxic, frightening environment, too focused on my daily survival to be able to connect with those subtler energies.

Over the years, these abilities evolved and developed. I was terrified of them for years, especially after someone I trusted and respected said that this was happening because I'd been possessed by Satan. It was a long journey to get to the point of understanding -- and embracing -- why I "just knew" information about people or events, or how I could communicate with those who had returned to the spirit realm. 

For five years, I appeared approximately monthly on BBC Radio doing "psychic phone-ins." I also did stage work as a medium. I loved those opportunities to give people a bit of hope or insight, or to connect them with a loved one in spirit. 

There are few things more rewarding than when facilitating the finishing of unfinished business when one of the parties is in the spirit world. It's never too late to heal a painful wound, even from beyond the grave.

With my background in social work and counselling, combined with my own challenging healing journey, I'm able to provide compassionate, heart-centered readings. 

Over the years, I've discovered that people are fascinated with the idea of being a psychic and medium and they love discussion, education and information about it. I'm frequently asked many questions about various aspects of my life and work, such as:

  • What are the "Dos and Don'ts" when approaching a psychic or medium and having a reading? 
  • Can traditional prediction-based readings be harmful to clients?
  • How can you be sure that little voice you're hearing inside is your intuition and not just you talking to yourself?
  • Does everyone has psychic ability?
  • How can you tell if you're psychic or a medium?
  • ...and what's the difference between the two?
  • How can a reading be helpful?
  • How can you tell if a psychic/medium is reputable, ethical or responsible?
  • How can I tell if my departed loved ones are trying to communicate with me?
  • Can having a reading change the course of events in the future?
  • What is it like communicating with spirits?

These are just some of the many topics that people have raised over the years and that would make excellent talking points for interviews.

I know how it feels to lose hope, or to feel stuck and not know which way to turn. My whole life has been dedicated to giving hope and offering comfort and healing to as many people as possible. I'm always honoured for any chance to do this, and being a radio show guest is an excellent opportunity to do just that.


In childhood, Liberty Forrest discovered her abilities as a psychic and medium, which continued to develop over the years, leading her to do readings professionally. 

Eventually, she took to the stage where she connected audience members with loved ones in spirit. For five years, she appeared approximately monthly on BBC Radio doing "psychic phone-ins." 

Like too many others in the world, Liberty grew up in a highly toxic and abusive environment, which left her ill-equipped to handle the numerous brutal challenges that she would face after leaving home at 16. Her life went from bad to very much worse, but this was also the foundation for her journey of healing. 

Combining her personal experiences and life lessons with her background in the social work/counselling industry, currently Liberty enjoys doing readings for clients over the phone or internet, offering compassionate heart-cantered guidance to help them get unstuck and moving forward. She also assists people in developing their own abilities as psychics and mediums, including offering one-on-one guidance to help them fully access their intuitive abilities. 

Liberty is also an award-winning author, a Huffington Post contributor, a columnist, and has had numerous articles printed in many publications around the globe. She has produced several books on inspirational self-help topics and also writes paranormal thriller saga fiction.

She loves doing stand-up comedy and enjoys incorporating humour into her work wherever possible, believing that when we can finally get to the point of laughing at our foibles, we have truly found healing. And in the meantime, it can sure make the hard times a little softer around the edges.