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les tindell
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Opening a 'Portal' to an Advanced, Ancient, Alien Intelligence. An Empirical Demonstration of 'Functional Xenolinguistics'...: * In the year 1994 I discovered a collection of small inscribed stones capable of projecting streams of video images. * I labeled these stone artifacts 'Petro Photoglyphs'...properly defined as photographic recordings scribed onto stone surfaces. * Petro Photoglyphs illustrated within this research website were surface samples discovered in the mid-western United States. * A Petro Photoglyph will project streams of photo images defined as a hologram (whole recording)...forming a 'Visual Language'. * A process method was formulated to illuminate and record the 'Hologram Projections within a Sphere of Spectral & Spatial Perception'. * Modern technology is required to develop and translate the Petro Photoglyph inscriptions...defining them as 'Time-Capsule Projections'. * Ancient Stone-Scribed Holograms... deciphered through our knowledge-database of: history, mythology, religion and astronomy. * The 'Petro Photoglyph Images' developed within this research website are 'The Oldest Photographic Recordings Known to Humanity'.


In 1994 I discovered a collection or library of small inscribed stone artifacts. For the the past 20 years I have been developing a plethora of hologram codex communications that propagate from the small inscribed stone artifacts I call...'Petro (stone) Photoglyphs (photo inscriptions)'. Petro Photoglyphs are the 'platform' for a visual language of hologram codices projecting an unknown language defined as 'xenolinguistics'. By 'Divine Providence' that my education in archaeology and career in microelectronics & lasers would lean to the discovery of stone artifacts inscribed by an advanced technology of detailed over-layered and connected photo-image masks developed on the stone surfaces by processes similar to photo-lithography. To date...I conduct the only research and am the only resource on earth publishing information pertaining to 'petro photoglyphs.

United States