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Leon Moscona
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Everyone who purifies and develops their seven spiritual bodies - the physical, etheric, astral, causal, buddhic and atmic, becomes a personification of the Divine Spirit - an Avatar, a materialisation of Divinity in flesh. An Avatar lives in the whole three-fold structure of the Universe simultaneously: with a purified physical body and personality on Earth, with a blossoming soul in the celestial world and with an awakened Higher Self in the highest Divine world. In a long spiritual journey I was able to build my seven spiritual bodies helped by the Divine Masters and Saints - Zoroaster, Ramakrishna, Beinsa Douno, St. Peter, St. John, Maitreya Buddha and the Cosmic Christ. This process was a synthesis of the spiritual worlds of their religions. As a result, I received Enlightenment and became an Avatar of Synthesis. Furthermore this process was connected with the mystery of the Second Coming (or the New Coming) of these Divine Masters. In my recently published autobiographical eBook On the Path of Enlightenment I shared my most sacred experiences of metaphysical and mystical meetings with the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine in more detail. The book also contains deep spiritual insights and inspiring mystical visions about the coming New Reality. As an Avatar of Synthesis I was blessed to receive a new fruit from the Tree of Life – The Initiation of the Holy Spirit. This Initiation reveals the spiritual essence of our epoch, the mystery of the Second Coming, the essence of the Divine Wedding in Heaven and the beginning of the New Cycle of existence of humankind in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The activation of these celestial archetypes from the Book of Revelation is the essence of my spiritual work. From this point of view I could speak symbolically about deciphering the Book of Revelation as a Code for the spiritual transformation of humankind. The Initiation of the Holy Spirit provides keys to the spiritual past, present and future in the history of humankind. The past is concluding metaphysically the Indo-European cycle of evolution and harvesting the fruits from it; the present is the dramatic transition from the old world to the world to come, by experiencing the Day of Resurrection and Judgment and the fall of the present Babylonian-type culture, based on ego-centrism; the future is an entry into a new Cycle of Existence in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth; there humankind will establish a new celestial culture, based on Life for the Whole and will gather fruits from the Tree of Life ‘twelve times a year’. I have introduced the main aspects of the Initiation of the Holy Spirit in more than 400 lectures, in a number of books, eBooks and booklets, in 12 International Assemblies on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria and in many other spiritual activities over the years. My recently published autobiographical eBook On the Path of Enlightenment reveals the metaphysical and mystical essence of my journey towards Enlightenment and the spiritual work in line with the Initiation of the Holy Spirit.


In a long spiritual journey lasting more than 40 years, through exciting mystical contacts with the Divine Masters, Christ, Ramakrishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Mohamed, Beinsa Douno and others, as well as the Divine Mother, I was initiated into the mysteries of the Second Coming and the emerging New Reality. The metaphysical basis of these mysteries is described in my book The Second Coming as well as in many lectures and seminars in Bulgaria, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, USA, and Russia. I was born on 15th August 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria and graduated, with postgraduate studies, in Moscow, Russia (1964-1973) in musicology and philosophy. My spiritual journey started with an awakening from the restricted, materialistic and atheistic consciousness in 1971 in Moscow. Soon after this I found my Spiritual Teacher and Divine Master - Beinsa Douno (1864-1944) from Bulgaria. As a devoted disciple of the Master Beinsa Douno, like an apostle, I brought his Teaching and sacred dance Paneurhythmy to Russia for the first time. The Master had predicted that his Teaching would spread to Russia and other countries and would become the basis for the development of the new solar culture and the new sixth race, the race of Love. During my last months in Moscow (1973) I came across the extraordinary initiatic book The Rose of the World by the great Russian mystic Daniil Andreev. The Rose of the World is a poetic symbol of the heart centre of the human race. It is a symbol of the integration of all spiritual traditions. Each one of the traditions is like a petal of this "cosmic rose" with an exquisite spiritual fragrance. After my return to Bulgaria I rearranged all aspects of my life in accordance with the spiritual guidance of the Master Beinsa Douno. I found himself mystically in some kind of a celestial university on Earth where even the smallest details in daily life were integrated with the spiritual life in the higher worlds. Under the guidance of my beloved Master Beinsa Douno I merged subsequently with the Divine Spirits of Zoroaster, Ramakrishna, Babaji, Buddha, Christ and Beinsa Douno himself and received their initiations. In exciting cosmic-spiritual romances with the Masters, full of wonders, miracles and divine coincidences I was prepared for the mystery of the Rose of the World – the revelation of the wholeness of the Kingdom of God where there are many mansions, and the mystery of the Second Coming. The result of my "celestial study" on Earth was the revelation about the New Jerusalem (Revelation: 21:9-27) as the wholeness of the Kingdom of God, which I described in the manuscript The Book of Resurrection (1982-1984). With the blessing of the Master Beinsa Douno and the guidance of the Divine Guru Babaji I started my spiritual Teachership, sharing the ideas of the Second Coming and the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth within a small circle of friends. In July 1986 I was guided by the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother to the West in order to continue my spiritual work. On the one hand I shared my revelation about the Second Coming and the New Jerusalem in many countries (UK, Ireland, Switzerland, U.S.A. France, Germany) in the form of lectures, seminars, initiatic cycles, special celebrations, a spiritual school of Paneurhythmy, etc. On the other hand, I became familiar with the western spiritual culture including the depths of the religious traditions, the variety of New Age movements, the special care for the Earth and the environment and so on. An important aspect of my time in the West was meditation and receiving visions about the mission of all the countries I visited in the Divine Plan for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Thus, this time I served as a living bridge between the Eastern European spiritual culture and the Western spiritual culture. As a result of my intensive spiritual work and my mystical journey in the West, I received the Enlightenment of Christ-Maitreya with the revelation of the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path (1991). Christ-Maitreya is the glorious and victorious Cosmic Christ who reveals the New Reality coming out from the Living God in accordance with the prophetic words: "And now I make all things new" (Revelation 21:5). In essence, Christ-Maitreya is the integrative name of the Second Coming of all Divine Masters, which is now initiated by the Lord God Almighty. The Nine-Fold Rainbow Path bestowed on us by Christ-Maitreya is the Path which leads us back to the Kingdom of God and helps us to bring this celestial reality down on Earth. The New Enlightenment and the Nine Fold Rainbow Path are described in my book The Second Coming, published in Ireland in 1995, and translated and published in Bulgaria in 1998. The book serves as a basis for the integration of all religions and brings together the "Great Drawing" of the Rose of the World, described by Daniil Andreev, the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno and the richness of the Western spiritual culture. It introduces a new fruit from the Tree of Life – the Initiation of the Holy Spirit. The book was the impulse to initiate the Second Coming Integral Mission. After publishing my book, The Second Coming, with the full support of the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother, my spiritual work was brought on a new level. In exciting and challenging lectures, seminars, initiatic cycles and mystery schools I now activate the mystery of the Second Coming, introduce the Initiation of the Holy Spirit and lead people to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.