Guest Name, Kimesha Coleman

Kimesha Coleman
Kimesha Coleman
Confident Yet Approachable Coach

Kimesha Coleman is an award winning community leader and cohost of the Lifestyle segment for the Cynthia Austin show. Kimesha is a recognized expert and speaker on the topics of mastering self-esteem, domestic violence and healing after abuse.

Kimesha grew up in Dallas, Texas, she survived the escalating trauma from domestic violence, teen dating violence and the molestation from her “favorite” uncle.  Kimesha shares her inspirational story in the bestselling book, He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love (2015) which has been featured in BBU Magazine and the Cynthia Austin Show.

Today, Kimesha frequently shares her insight and background with other families and survivors seeking healing from abuse as part of her coaching business CoachingbyKimesha.