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Kimesha Coleman
Your Pitch

I am love. I am the sweet aroma of confidence that fills the room. I am the voice of courage in your ear.

 But I didn't always exist in this persona.

Sexually violated by my favorite uncle left me feeling unworthy, dirty, and unloved. The torture and beating from my teenage boyfriend keep my self-esteem below zero leaving only room for self-hatred to fill in the gap. I searched for love in the corners of toxic relationships.

That was me six years ago and now I look in the mirror and see a women who is whole, secure, and free. So many women out there in your viewership that are suffering in silence like I once was. 

I would love to come on your show to share my story but to also share some of the ways women can boost their self-esteem and assertiveness to get more of what they want in relationships. 

It's important that they know that there are simple steps that can be taken to move from suffering to contentment followed by principles to loving yourself more to change your self-view, self-worth, self-esteem, and develop self-love. The steps I now share with women are the exact steps I took to experience transformation. 


Kimesha Coleman is an award winning community leader and cohost of the Lifestyle segment for the Cynthia Austin show. Kimesha is a recognized expert and speaker on the topics of mastering self-esteem, domestic violence and healing after abuse.

Kimesha grew up in Dallas, Texas, she survived the escalating trauma from domestic violence, teen dating violence and the molestation from her “favorite” uncle.  Kimesha shares her inspirational story in the bestselling book, He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love (2015) which has been featured in BBU Magazine and the Cynthia Austin Show.

Today, Kimesha frequently shares her insight and background with other families and survivors seeking healing from abuse as part of her coaching business CoachingbyKimesha.