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Kaayla Vedder
Your Pitch

Here are some of the topics Kaayla assists with...she will also tap in and move energetic blocks; limiting beliefs as well as entanglements from life times.

  • HERE’S YOUR SIGN! Recognizing signs and messages from the Universe that are here to assist you to live the life you’re meant to live..
  • GET OF MY YOGA MAT! How to stay on your own Yoga Mat “What it means to Care for someone verses Carrying”
  • OUT OF CONTROL AND LOVING IT! How to release your fear of the unknown, trust that the Universe has your back and understand why you can’t get it wrong.
  • CHA CHING!  TAPPING INTO YOUR COSMIC BANK ACCOUNT How to tap into the universal bank that is overflowing with everything they could desire and more.
  • EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR YOU! Shift your perspective and understand that we are really being guided to what’s in the highest for as at the time.
  • THRIVE INSTEAD OF SURVIVE! Learn how to co-create from a place of desire & possibility instead of fear. Expand your frequency to experience a new level of Peace & Freedom.
  • BE WHO YOU’RE MEANT TO BE Recognizing the truth of who you are beyond labels, identities or outside influences.
  • YOUR BODY AS YOUR BIGGEST GUIDE Learn how to listen to and interpret the wisdom that your body is trying to communicate to you.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE! How to access higher dimensional frequencies and angelic realms to support you on your journey.
  • CREATE A DRAMA FREE ZONE Learn how to release the  entanglements and the drama while still being of love and assistance.
  •  STAND IN YOUR HEART-CENTERED POWER Learn how to appreciate your own unique piece of the journey and be fully present in your co-creative process with the universe where there is no need for competition or comparison.
  • FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE Step out of the judgment of yourself and others, in order to free yourself and them.
  • CHANGES CHA! CHA! How to gracefully dance with all of the shifts and changes in the world and in your life.
Quantum Healer

Kaayla’s Bio:

Kaayla is a passionate champion of her clients and their freedom to be themselves.  She has studied the following:

  • Reiki Master
  • Pranic Healing Master
  • Yuen Method
  • Healing Touch
  • Emotional Healing Technique
  • Access Consciousness
  • Flight School - 1 Year of Awakening Intensive Mentorship
  • Kripa Quantum Healing Technique. 

to name a few.

She has applied her unique genius: The ability to ‘see’ other dimensions, to successfully creating a melded family, while thriving in her own career and marriage.

Her life turned around when she healed herself from an Acute Digestive Disease using her own ‘super powers’.  Kaayla is a passionate speaker, author, and a facilitator to reveal the “true self” inside of her clients.  Her life experience has led her to a place where she is called to pay her healing brilliance forward and set people free to be themselves.

Her accomplishments include:

  • Gentling with wild exotic animals as well as domestic.
  • Leading several spiritual retreats
  • Developing Healing/Meditation nights ~ ‘Clearing your way to Freedom’ group Healing.
  • Facilitating Private Healing sessions globally (in person and remote)
  • Developed Workshops on many subjects, assisting people to remember all of who they are before they were taught to forget.
  • Published as a Co-Author of the Best Selling Book “Rapid Change for Busy Heart Centered Women”
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