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Helen Woo
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Helen Woo endured her life. It wasn't living. Raised in a restrictive traditional Chinese-American household, she experienced self-esteem issues, mental and physical abuse, grief, substance abuse, betrayal and depression. Yet she still managed to have a successful career that allowed her to build a bit of a nest egg. Later, when she invested it in a partnership with a close friend, only to have her partner steal all of the assets, that betrayal was the last straw. Alone and raising a son, Woo knew something had to change-and it wasn't the world around her-it was the world within her. Freed by the laughter she experienced watching Ellen Degeneres each day, Woo realized that laughter was indeed the best medicine for her. During her healing, she started to read inspirational books, and as she did, she began to revise what she was reading into her own, positive, uplifting interpretations so that it directly applied to her. Each negative thought or emotion was then subjected to a "rewrite" in her mind, so that soon she could feel the shift in both her inner AND outer life. Having experienced a philosophical and spiritual shift, Woo created the concept of SELF-AID--an acronym that stands for Self-Aid (self-help), Esteem, Love/Laughter, Freedom, Attitude, Integrity, Dream. Her new book SELF-AID - Inspirations to Turn Struggles into Success (January, 2015), allows her readers to be inspired and uplifted by the very quotes that ultimately turned her life around. Each quote is followed by one of her unique "Wooisms" - the ideal way to interpret the quote to engineer a shift into a higher and better way of thinking. The book, divided into each of these categories, provides SELF-AID for anyone to lift out of their doldrums or depression and move into a life filled with joy, peace, gratitude and prosperity. Woo is passionate about paying it forward--giving others the thrust they need to overcome whatever past traumas and dramas might have held them back. With her new book, her radio show, SELF-AID Success Stories, and her second book of the same title, due in the spring, Woo shares empowering and inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs and public figures on how they overcame their own struggles and failures. Woo is also creating a SELF-AID foundation for empowerment that gives people the courage to change from a negative to a positive framework in their lives; leaving the struggle behind and experiencing the surge! Woo is now an emerging speaker, writer and leader, who brings a welcome ultra-positive perspective to everything she does. SELF-AID Inspirations to Turn Struggles into Success is a key to opening up the reader's heart and mind to reframe his or her life from lackluster to luscious.


Helen Woo was born to a traditional Chinese family who immigrated to America two months before her birth. Throughout her life, she has overcome numerous challenges including self-esteem issues, depression, mental and physical abuse, betrayal, drug addiction and grief. Financial loss came when someone who she trusted completely betrayed Helen by stealing large amounts of money under the guise of intending to build wealth through a partnership that never came to fruition. Helen credits her faith as the key to finding the strength to rebuild a life for herself and her young son after such financial devastation. Her experience of having overcome these life challenges has left Helen with a passion to pay it forward by making a difference in the lives of others who have faced or are facing similar challenges. As host of a weekly radio talk show called SELF-AID Success Stories, Helen is inspiring listeners to laugh a little, and reminding them that all challenges can be conquered, starting with SELF-AID (her unique version of self-help). Helen’s attitude has always been one of survival, much like the Gloria Gaynor song “I Will Survive,” which is the theme song on her radio show. Now her approach is not just surviving, but thriving! Her show is jam packed with guests and inspirational stories of triumphs over life's challenges. Helen’s first book SELF-AID – Inspirations to Turn Struggles into Success (January, 2015), has assembled hundreds of inspiring and empowering quotes from world-leading individuals, writers and thinkers—and then provides Helen’s interpretations that helped turn her life around—her “Wooisms.” These interpretations are designed to provide the reader a proven methodology for transforming life by changing and uplifting his or her mindset—providing new perspectives that change the inner and outer experience. Her second book SELF-AID Success Stories will follow shortly thereafter in the spring. SELF-AID Success Stories is a collaboration of empowering (and inspiring) stories from successful public figures, about their ups and downs, and how they overcame their struggles and failures in life. Helen has also co-authored the bestselling book with Hidi Lee, Sexy with no Boundaries. Helen has also recently been featured in Wake Up Women's Be You ~ Spread Your Wings and Fly with her emotional story, "I am Flying High and I am Here to Flourish".

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