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Graham McQuade
Your Pitch

Hope you’re well

I wonder if you could tell me if your station run segments or shows that support or review independent authors?

I'm a British independent author that would love to discuss the journey from an idea to publishing. Looking at the process and the pit falls (looking for agents and publishers or the self publishing route etc.).

The ultimate aim I guess is to encourage some of your listeners that may have aspirations to write, what steps to take.

Also express just how rewarding sharing your story can be.

I would obviously lean on my own experience and share some of my own habits and techniques that I’ve used writing my first two Novels.

Many thanks

Graham McQuade

Instagram : @theauthormcquade

Twitter       : @authormcquade





Its strange where we draw our inspiration from. We all get ideas we’d love to share. I’m pretty sure that most of the best ideas, whether it be for stories, music or anything, never see the light of day. Fact is, the idea itself isn’t the hardest part… the hardest part is getting the idea out of your head and into the head of others. That’s why it helps to have inspiration, something to help you take the leap. My inspiration for writing is my mum. I desperately wanted to do something for her. She sadly never had the opportunity to fully express herself after dying at the age of 23. Whereas most of us have the opportunity to leave our mark on the world, she never did. So, as she breathed life into me I only think its right that I breath life into her memory. This Trilogy is in her birth name, The Johnson Trilogy. Margaret Gwendolyn Johnson was my mothers name. Margaret’s character is from what I learnt about my mum over the years. According to family and friends she was brave, funny, caring and above all loving. She died tragically in January 1965, three days before my first birthday. I actually wrote ‘Fifteen Days in May’ (the second book in the Johnson Trilogy) as a stand alone tribute. The book evolved and it was clear to me that there was a lot more that needed to be explained, especially about the characters, so the Johnson Trilogy was born. If you’ve taken the time to read this book… thank you, it means a lot to me and in a strange way given me the opportunity to introduce you to the incredible woman that was my mum.

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