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Gina Gardiner
Your Pitch

I would love to be a guest speaker on your show!

The gift of my disability was the creation of a unique approach to personal and spiritual development and to transformational leadership.  It is an approach which has been extremely successful. 

MY MISSION is to positively impact on a million people in the next 5 years by creating a positive shift in the quality of leadership via The Enlightened Leadership Program. 

This is done by utilizing my 30 years of experience in developing transformational leadership.

MY AIM is to create a movement of Enlightened Leaders who lead with integrity, compassion and courage. To take people on a journey of self-discovery –   To help raise consciousness . To impact and reduce the tide of stress, anxiety and mental ill health created through poor leadership at every level. 

I look forward to our conversation together and sharing with your audience the value I have to offer.


I can help you think smarter and work more strategically by enhancing your genuine power.


If you feel as though it is a constant battle to manage staff effectively, you simply cannot stay competitive in an ever-changing market!

I can help you move from feeling fed up dealing with difficult staff, struggling to hold people to account, thinking it would be easier to just do it yourself, yet finding the “To Do” list is endless and overwhelming... To developing great relationships with your staff, increasing staff satisfaction and loyalty, having a team who think for themselves with a clear objective, and ultimately increasing sustained profitability for the organisation as a whole.


My Enlightened Leadership Programme takes a unique approach to the development of leadership and is based on over 30 years of successful experience. This programme is not a quick fix, but embeds change for ongoing upward success. You will be challenged, but you will receive plenty of support along the way.


“Gina understands what it takes to produce results and lead effectively. More than that she brings an ease of communication without compromising on straight communication and laser focus. Working with her brings an experience of working with a partner who is ready to roll up her sleeves and make you successful.” - Sunil B.

“Gina helped me develop different leadership behaviours and she provided invaluable support during my preparation for a public speaking engagement with senior private banking business leaders. Gina will help you reach your deliverables with exceptional results.” - Leanne M.

“Gina has made a bigger difference to my working life and the way I deal with things than anyone else I can think of. Described as 'mesmerising' by more than one person that I have introduced Gina to, her insight is uncanny, and Gina's analysis is delivered in such a way as to hold your attention and focus it on the real issues. If you are going to spend time listening to anyone, Gina Gardiner should be at the top of your list.” - Neil H.