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Eli Isaac
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Hello, California is in the middle of a 3-year drought. This year alone, it is expected to cost $2.2 billion, 17,000+ jobs, depleted water supplies and terrible fishing. Already the state has allocated $687 million for relief aid. Worse, NASA meteorologists have already determined no end in sight. The El Nino they were expecting is ”a bust.” In the middle of all this, spiritual healer and teacher David Adelson believes he can end drought and restore ”balance to Nature” using an unprecedented technology that, by his own admission, ”has no documented history of success.” Even so, using it, he expects to restore depleted reservoirs to 83% capacity in 3-6 months ”less, if you want floods"— based on technology he’s developed from ancient Vedic wisdom and modern quantum physics. Do you think he can? He claims this technology in a slightly different form has already been used in Texas to protect Austin from raging fires, in Oklahoma City to protect from tornadoes for 2 years until an electrical surge knocked the system out; 3 weeks later the area was hit with 250 mile/hr winds over 50 miles before the system was restored, and averting hurricanes in Florida. ”In 1979 (when smog alerts were common), an experiment in Los Angeles gave amazing results: the day after, the U.S. Weather Bureau came out and said, ”All the laws of Nature are in perfect harmony. The air has never been clearer in the history of L.A.” Adelson said. He was part of that experiment and was highly encouraged. ”There were no Santa Ana winds, no storms or anything,” he said. ”Everyone went to bed, and when they woke up the next day, the air was clear.” Inspired, Adelson spent decades researching and developing a more permanent method to improve weather. He claims to have perfected it, and now offers it at a fraction of the cost of the drought. Will it work? To find out about the projected cost, the long-term benefits, and the science behind it, schedule an interview with David Adelson by replying to or calling 747-333-8403. Thank you, Eli


Spiritual leader, innovator.

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