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Dr Toni Luisa Rivera
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She was a whirlwind of a doctor. The only chiropractor on a remote part of Puerto Rico, she was inundated with patients, many of whom were out of pain for the first time in years. Wanting to heal EVERYONE, she drove herself to extremes. But what really drove Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera was buried so deep that only in her 30s were the memories really starting to offer clarity—repeated sexual assaults before the age of four, a heart crushed by a mother so overwhelmed with the truth that she couldn’t find it in herself to comfort her daughter and a burning desire to be of value, to prove her worthiness.   

It was a recipe for disaster and it was only through listening deeply to her own body that Rivera found her way to physical, mental and emotional health. And it is this deep listening and intuitive technique that Dr. Toni offers her readers in her new book The Propelled Heart: Moving from Injury to Insight.

Part memoir, part healing guidebook, Rivera tells of her passage to insight, allowing injury to transform into the gifts she brings to the world. Rivera recounts how she listened to her body’s physical pain to help unlock those wounds of forgotten childhood sexual abuse, freeing her to follow an inner-driven, more deliberate, more intentional and joyful way of life, while still serving those who needed help.

Always an adventurer, she soaked up knowledge and experience to enhance her skills, but it was in taking a workshop by the renowned Ilana Rubenfeld, founder of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM), that Rivera found her first real key. Rubenfeld taught her how to feel the pain completely and interpret the wisdom and guidance in that pain. She discovered how to get life-changing answers.

Rivera explains how her growing knowledge, and willingness to listen to her intuition, laid the groundwork for her unique healing practice in New Mexico today, that guides and counsels people individually on critical methods to listen to their bodies as a means to achieve total wellness and a fulfilled life. She also trains other practitioners in her technique.

In the second part of The Propelled Heart, Dr. Toni offers insight on body wisdom, complete with exercises that the reader can conduct to deepen one’s ability to hear the messages and tune in to intuition. Rivera also brings to light critical issues that are often at the heart of someone’s physical, emotional and spiritual pain...and how someone can begin overcoming blockages in those areas.

Says Rivera: “Donald Epstein, D.C, founder of Network Spinal Analysis said, ‘We must learn to listen to the body’s whispers so we don’t have to endure its screams.’ How true! How many times have people come to my office complaining of some physical sensation, and when asked how long the symptom had been present, they reply: ‘Oh, it only hurt a little bit at first, thirty years ago. Now it is unbearable!’”

Rivera wants to awaken people to the art of listening to the messages of pain now as the route to a healthy and unlimited life in the future.

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Toni Luisa Rivera, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, author, and workshop facilitator. Born and raised on Air Force bases until her father retired in Puerto Rico when she was eleven years old. Horses and sailing were her early passions. Graduated Life Chiropractic University in 1985 and returning to Puerto Rico to open her first chiropractic office in the rural area of the island where there were no alternative options for healthcare.

Dr. Toni discovered the vital role body, mind, spirit, and emotions play in healing while attending to the many people seeking care. Wanting to explore healing methods that in corporated all these aspects of a person, she moved to Santa Fe, NM in1994.Taking up dressage riding, hot yoga, motorcycles, snowboarding and marimba music, she has basked in the variety and magic of the southwest. Having trained with Ilana Rubenfeld herself, founder of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM), Dr.Toni has become a master teacher, focusing on teaching clients about self-healing through contacting their own inner wisdom and teaching other practitioners‘ intuitive listening’, to personalize their work with clients. She has discovered a passion for writing and is launching a new workshop series: Intuition Mastery.

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