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Dr Sakira Jackson
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I work with professional business owners and entrepreneurs committed to growing their business or practice to 7 figures in 2017. I show business owners how  Intentionally maximize their business model, Magnetize their customers and Optimize their profits.

This training is for business owners growing their business from 6 figures to 7 figures and those who are stuck at 7 figures. In 2016 alone, my clients have generated more than $50 million dollars revenue as members of my Masters of Business Academy and using my 7 Figure CEO Mastermind processes.

Business Psychologist

Dr. Sakira Jackson

Sakira Jackson, M. A., Business Psy.D. is one of the most highly regarded Personal and Business Transformational Coaches and Psycho-Economic and Behavioral Consultants in Chicago. She was also Vistage CEO Chair, providing personal and business growth and transformational consulting to her multimillionaire clientele.

Dr. Jackson is one of Chicago’s sought after trainers and consultant whose business and personal development transformational methods are used by some of the most recognized and successful companies in the world and as has helped shape over a many successful leaders, managers and employees.

She is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker, consultant and executive coach. Dr. Sakira addresses thousands of men and women each year on the subjects of vivid visioning, leadership, team dynamics, personal transformation and peak performance. Her consulting and training firms, Brainpower Consulting and Masters of Business Academy have attracted clients from across the United States.

Dr. Sakira is also one the few Chicago’s coaches of the world renowned Life Transformational Program, Thinking Into Results. As a part of the global Life Success team, Dr. Sakira coaches both women and men, groups and organizations, using her Change Your Thinking- Radical Success methods. Based in the highly recognized Personal Development runaway movie “The Secret” and the film “Beyond the Secret.”

Her prolific publishing includes several business development articles and author of 12 Steps to Owning Your Own Business as well as the founder of the 7Figure CEO Mastermind: a peer mentoring organization for CEO/Presidents. Her books have been added to many start-up book collections and are sold on Dr. Jackson continues to publish her series of QuikBooks: a Series of Short Lessons for CEOs. The series currently includes: How to Stay Up in a Down Economy, How to Keep the IRS out of Your Books, and How to Manage Your time as a Chief Executive Officer. Her eBooks include: Happiness is More than a State of Mind; and 12 Steps to Owning Your Own Business.

Her clients have included, State Farm, AllState Insurance, Museum Africa, Home Depot, Target, The City of Chicago, University of Illinois, Chicago State University, University of Arkansas, Verizon, CSX and over 50 other organizations nationwide.

Dr. Jackson is married mother of 8 children and grandmother of nineteen. She believes that everyone deserves to live an exceptional life and has made it her mission to help others do so through vivid visioning.

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