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Dr Esther Onyoni
Your Pitch

Holistic approach to managing Diabetes:

After working for 14 years as a pharmacist, I’ve observed that my clients trust their doctor to the point where they can be rendered powerless. Imagine being that person who has a set way of doing things through the day to manage their life, yet when they go to the doctor, they let the doctor decide for them what to do or what to take to feel better. This is great and that is how it should be! But what happens when the doctor says “This condition will continue to progress” or “This happens with age…” or “There is nothing we can do”

Except for the last statement, one should analyze what may be missing or what else can be tried before rendering these statements true.

I practice as a health coach as well and work with individuals living with diabetes and other lifestyle conditions. They may have been told that it is a progressive condition, given restrictive regimens to follow and multiple medications. I give them hope by creating an easy to follow plan for what to do when their numbers are elevated, they are tired or just when life happens.

The reason for my pitch is that I can talk about burnout in diabetes. This is when an individual has done everything they have been told to do to care for their diabetes and they are tired and can’t take it anymore and want to give up.  

I’ll offer hope that they are still in charge of their health, they are still human and there is nothing they are doing wrong.

Pharmacist, Health Coach, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Esther Onyoni is a Pharmacist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Certified Health and Life Coach. She works with people living with diabetes who are struggling to keep their numbers and energy in control to successfully get their best reading, lose weight and gain their energy.

Esther’s passion for finding a better way for her clients was sparked after over a decade of practicing as a pharmacist. She took care of clients with chronic conditions, and noticed that they were on multiple medications. Their medication list kept getting longer each time they saw their doctor. Some medications were given to treat side effects caused by other medications. 

That’s why she decided to get involved in aiding her clients to manage chronic conditions. Especially in between doctor visits when they needed the most support. With a personal connection with diabetes, this is where she felt she’d be impactful.

She became a Health Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner and helps her clients find their path to a vibrant life.

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