Guest Name, Deborah West

Deborah West
Deborah West

Deborah West worked in corporate public relations and media for over 20 years where she wrote articles on the Mars Rover, the Hubble Space Telescope, Northrup Grumman’s Unmanned Military Systems and medicine.   She is currently a freelancer, reporting on a wide variety of topics including disclosure, ancient and multidimensional civilizations, the the shift in humanity’s consciousness and brings truthful reporting to topics ranging from healthcare to energy, with an eye towards assisting Earth’s emergence into the fifth dimensional energy thru positive intergalactic communications.  She does a weekly radio show called Lost Knowledge on Revolution Radio and has published articles on CNNireport, UFO Digest and other sites.

Last year, she founded Texas Space News, a news portal about the commercialization of space in Texas. She has interviewed astronauts and leaders in the space community at NASA and spaceports across Texas with breaking news stories.

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