Guest Name, Dan Rust

Dan Rust
Dan Rust - author of Workplace Poker - Are you playing the game, or just getting played?
Career Adviser / Corporate Training Leader

Dan Rust is the founder of Frontline Learning, an international publisher of corporate training resources. His award-winning keynote speeches and workshops focus on employee engagement, productivity, and career management. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Book Review from the Library Journal:

Workplace Poker: Are You Playing the Game, or Just Getting Played?

Learning to play the “game under the game” is how Rust, Frontline Learning founder and a 30-plus-year corporate training consultant, views the compilation of strategies and skills necessary to make decisions and achieve goals. The tools and techniques described here do not replace hard work, talent, or ambition, nor do they involve unethical manipulation. Instead, Rust makes the “game under the game” transparent, giving practical, executable insight into reading people, navigating workplace politics, identifying blind spots, improving interpersonal communication, executing self-promotion, developing emotional resilience, and managing energy to go the distance. Weaving real-life stories in a smart, informal, no-nonsense style, from individuals who have applied these strategies within their own career trajectories, Rust highlights their application and increases the reader’s understanding. VERDICT Written particularly for students of business and workplace culture, the author’s observations and strategies will undoubtedly speak to those reviewing a career misstep or contemplating a career change as well.

Workplace Poker - Are you playing the game, or just getting played?