Guest Name, Carolyn CJ Jones

Carolyn CJ Jones
CJ , Founder, CEO of CJ Jones Speaking, Coaching, and Caregiving
Forgiveness Expert and Guide, Speaker, Author, former RN

Carolyn CJ Jones is a forgiveness expert and guide, multi-award-winning author, as well as a speaker, coach, and the creator of the Change Your Story, Change Your Life programs. CJ is comfortable in the role as a leader. This was dramatically demonstrated during a 27-year career as a registered nurse when she created, developed, and managed a program allowing medically fragile children, dependent upon high-tech machines for their lives, to be cared for at home instead of living in the hospital ICU. Medical, emotional, and developmental miracles were experienced because of this program. Additionally, families were reunited; they no longer felt they were standing helplessly by, not able to do anything for their child. It is the same expertise and skills she displayed in guiding the children’s program that allows CJ to be a forgiveness guide. It has become her passion to help people discover the bliss available to them through feelings such as peace, joy, and empowerment. She spent 30 adult years angry and bitter over her childhood until, in 2005, she learned to change that story when she discovered forgiveness. CJ now guides others in this practice, sharing her YIPPEE Method, so that they, too, can change their story and change their life.

United States
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