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Brittany Johnson
Your Pitch

Numerology shows that don't sound New Age.  Energetic, upbeat, and creative. 

Numerology is solid entertainment. I do Numerology for dating, jobs, career path of self awareness.  I love doing Numerology shows on hot topics people, movies, or current events.  I can analyze a move based on Numerology and show the patterns in persons life.  Example Tonya Harting, or even Wintson Churchill movies are in theaters,  I enjoy looking at charts of creative people or legends. I will look at  bands like the Beatles or Tom Petty and show how Numerology worked in their life.   Numerology is so engaging and accurate.

Remember, Numerology is a container of energy and information.  I do New age shows, that don't sound new age.  

Everyone has a birth date. The 6 digits of your birth hold much information. I know a rare method. It is thousands of years old, and is highly accurate and very fun. 


I have done thousands of  Numerology charts, and taught  thousands of Yoga classes.  My past included writing a book, and creating a yoga accessory and a yoga school.