Guest Name, Betsey Lewis

Betsey Lewis
Betsey Lewis
Author, Radio Host, Earth Mysteries Investigator

Betsey Lewis is an international psychic-medium, the host of Rainbow Vision Network since 2009, Earth Mysteries Investigator and Earthkeeper. At eight months old Betsey had her first UFO encounter with her parents. At age seven she was chased by a massive UFO, and at age three she communicated with invisible beings. She had her visit spirit visitation by her deceased grandfather at age eight, and the paranormal experiences haven’t stop since. Betsey has researched and investigated UFOs sightings, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens, and other Earth mysteries for over forty years. She practices Reiki, Kriya Yoga, astrology, tarot and numerology, and regressive hypnosis. Her mentors on Earth wisdom include Oglala Sioux Ceremonial Leader Ed McGaa “Eagle Man” and the late Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation Corbin Harney. Betsey has appeared on Idaho’s KTVB noon show, KIVI morning show, The Dr. Michael television show on Fox, Coast-to-Coast AM, Ground Zero, and many other talk radio shows. She was a featured keynote speaker at the 2012 Alamo UFO Conference near Las Vegas, Nevada. Published books include: Earth Energy—Return to Ancient Wisdom, Communicating with The Other Side—True Experiences of a Psychic-Medium, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen: The Key to Earth's Destiny, Angels, aliens and Prophecy—The Connection, and Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II: The Angel-Aliens Agenda. For more information on Betsey's work, practice and her daily Earth News1 blog,

Earth Energy:Return to Ancient Wisdom