Guest Name, Bernadette Rodriguez

Bernadette Rodriguez
Paranormal Travelers
Paranormal Investigation Team

Hello, I am Bernadette from Paranormal Travelers. I am historian/investigator for our team. I am inquiring about a possible guest spot on your show. We have a diverse team, that's starting season 3 on YouTube. Our paranormal investigation group was co-founded by Richard Newell and Michael Rossi, a Medium. Paranormal Travelers is based out of Edwardsville, Pennsylvania. We investigate the paranormal, haunting's and anything unexplained. At each investigation, we film each episode, using the most up to date equipment available. Since, we are non- profit, we film and produce each episode ourselves. We are unique, because of the make-up of the group. We have believers and skeptics. Regardless of our beliefs, we are searching for answers. We have a resident medium, Micheal, who can talk and see the dead. There are also sensitives and a team member working towards their Masters, in the field of Psychology. We not only look at experiences and evidence, but try to debunk, disprove our findings first. Our main goal is too help our clients however we can. It would be a privilege to be a guest on your show. Thank you for your time. Yours Truly, Bernadette R. Contact Michael Rossi or Richard Newell: Co-founders/ Leads Phone: (570-793-0998 ) OR (570-301-3016), E-mail:

United States