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anthony price
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Gold Star Families are those left behind when we lose a hero in the military. If I gave my life, I'd like to think someone would do for my family all the things I had planned to do myself, but didn't get done. That's what the Gold Star Ride Foundation does.

In 2018, I took off on my motorcycle to visit as many families as I could throughout the US and provide anything they needed. I Rode nearly 18,000 miles, covered 44 states, burned up 2 sets of tires, met thousands of Americans, and Rode for 58 days. 

Yours, Very Sincerely and Respectfully is the book telling the true story of that adventure. All the bad motels, the extreme conditions of heat, cold, road construction, and rain, the breakdowns, and the people. The extraordinary people.


In the summer of 2012, one man was introduced to the idea of our nation’s Gold Star Families in a very personal way.

Since that day, that one man has worked tirelessly to find a means and method to do anything to promote the honor of any Gold Star Family in the United States; even if it meant going to another country.

Born the ninth child in a family of thirteen, Anthony Price has never had it easy. That may have been the ingredient needed to live out this story.

Yours, Very Sincerely and Respectfully is that story. Taking the closing line from Abraham Lincoln’s famous Bixby Letter, the title encapsulates the message in five words better than any other description.

The story laid out in this book tells everything. It tells you how it began. It tells you why Gold Star Families are important. It details the pitfalls of starting a charity, raising money, and the dangers of Riding a motorcycle nearly twenty thousand miles to get the mission accomplished.

The story explains how someone with a dream, passion, and maybe an insane amount of stubbornness will win the day. Persistence will bring ideas to light more than any other ingredient.