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Amina Tafra
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Art and Abolition is a non-profit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya that aims to restore justice to female youth surivors of sex-slavery. We are currently hosting a "$1600 in 16 Days #everygirl Campaign" to rent a new foster home for our girls and Art and Abolition founder, Britannie Richardson, for one full year. Due to threats of violence from their caregivers and extreme poverty, girls are forced to sell their bodies for everyday needs like water, food, clothing and school fees. Art and Abolition is currenlty doing something to change this through our education, art therapy, and economic empowerment programs. This campaign is focused on housing our girls in a safe, healthy environment so they can continue to heal, mentally, physically and emotionally as well as feeling free to just be children who's only job is to succeed in school and build healthy realationships with thier caregivers and peers. To secure our new Foster Home we need to raise money by April 1st. 

Dance/Movement Therapist, Art and Abolition Volunteer

Amina Tafra is currenlty a Dance/Movement Therapist whose been an activist for Art and Abolition for the past year. Her passion is to heal and treat youth survivors of trauma especially in domestic-abuse and sexual-violence cases. She has had the pleasure to perform DMT to Art and Aboltion's girls during thier 10-day art therapy camp which was held in November 2015. With the hope of Art and Abolition securing this new foster home, she will be returning to volunteer and provide creative art therapy to the girls duirng their upcoming fall camp which (agian hopefully!) will be held this August along with Art and Abolition's staff and DMT colleague.  

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