Guest Name, Alison Donaghey

Alison Donaghey
Alison Donaghey

Alison Donaghey has always been a critical thinker. She used to think that made her more of an annoyance than an asset. In the process of starting her house-painting company, Sonshine Girls Painting, she realized that critical thinking is an asset and used it more and more. That put her on a fast track to becoming one of the best-known companies in the area. In a few years, she went from a single mom on welfare to making over six figures.

Alison’s commitment to critical thinking prompted her to start another business, Domino Thinking, and write an international #1 Best selling book, Change Your Business, Change the World, which challenges people to think about what they think about. As an author, speaker, and strategist, she encourages people to question the status quo and apply their own critical thinking to improve not only their world but the world.

Alison has been fortunate enough to create a life that allows her to travel – alone or with her son – and learn from other cultures. She’s a big fan of trying everything once, be it skydiving, eating crickets, bungee jumping, white water rafting, or walking with lions. Not everything bears a second try, but it’s hard to have regrets if everything is tried at least once.

Alison currently lives on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of British Columbia, in a house she designed and living a life she is constantly redesigning. Life is good.