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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 2 June 2024

The Prophecy Club with Apostle Stan Johnson

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The Prophecy Club with Apostle Stan Johnson
Pastor Apostle Stan Johnson

There is nothing else like The Prophecy Club among modern day ministries!  We exist to proclaim the end time prophetic warning:

  • To warn America that judgment is set and has now begun.
  • To warn the world that we are in the last days spoken of in the Bible.

Our driving passion is to warn people to repent, stop sinning and turn to Jesus Christ with all of their heart.  Like prophets of old, we bring a straightforward powerful message from the Lord to a sinful and rebellious generation.  We provide information on current events and trends, and how they relate to Bible prophecy now and in the future. We also explain how to build your own prayer closet relationship with God now to obtain God’s provision and protection in the dark days ahead.

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Apostle Stan Johnson
Other Websites:
Teacher of Bible Prophecy, Founder of Prophecy Club radio program, Keynote Speaker, and President & CEO of Prophetic Oil, Inc.

In 2017, Stan memorized the Book of Revelation in which he received 30 revelations and two visions. God showed him the word “Firstfruits” is a secret door which links the Feasts of Leviticus to the prophecies of Revelation, allowing the end time events to be placed in chronological order. One prophetic word given to Stan said, “There is a lock that I have put over a word in the Book of Revelation that I am going to open unto you. It will turn so many books written on the end time message into obsolete books.” His message helps remove the fear of the end time prophecies described in the Book of Revelation.

Apostle Stan Johnson’s world has been Bible prophecy. In his 40 years of teaching Bible prophecy, he has filmed 37 DVDs. He is the founder of The Prophecy Club radio program. He and his wife, Leslie, have been married for over 36 years and are founders of the The Prophecy Club®, a ministry solely committed on Bible prophecy and the end times. Stan has hosted speaking tours all over the USA for over 160 guests, recording 350 DVDs on Bible prophecy.  

He is the President and CEO of Prophetic Oil, Inc., whose goal it is to find the prophesied oil in Israel. His ministry objectives are:

  • To continue the warning of Dumitru Duduman. 
  • To continue the vision to find massive amounts of oil in Israel.