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Talk Radio Show Program

The Infinite Consciousness

The Infinite Consciousness with Eva Herr, banner
Show Host: 
Eva Herr

Eva Herr is one of the most respected popular talk show hostesses on internet. She is author of Agape, The Intent of the Soul and her latest best selling book, CONSCIOUSNESS – Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Science of Quantum Mechanics.

Eva is an Inspire Me Today Luminary, a qualified trial expert, mentor for early detection and prevention of disease through holistic means, medical intuitive, past board member of The Alliance of Addiction Solutions, radio hostess and magazine columnist.

Eva's interviews the most brilliant minds of our times. She does her homework and it shows. Her interviews present some of the most astonishing and thought provoking material you will ever read providing hope for your life, and the future of your children, our planet and the generations to come!

Some endorsements:

“Eva Herr interviews some of the most brilliant, creative and visionary scientists, philosophers, physicists, and critical thinkers in our world, all with impeccable credentials and truly remarkable accomplishments… they take us on a journey of discovery that few traditional and conventional scientists dare to take.” From the Foreward by Joyce A. Kovelman, PhD

“Science grows at the edges, and Eva Herr’s CONSCIOUSNESS is on the edge. This book contains information that will force a re-writing of the textbooks in psychology and neuroscience. This is your peek into the future. Don’t pass it up.” Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Power of Premonitions and Reinventing Medicine

Eva Herr has perhaps written the best introduction to the new developing post-materialist scientific paradigm on consciousness based on quantum physics. Consciousness – Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Science of Quantum Mechanics is an important read." Amit Goswami, author of The Self-Aware Universe, The Quantum Doctor, and Physics of the Soul

We need to change the world and we can only change it if we change ourselves. Changing ourselves means changing our consciousness — how we think about the world and ourselves in the world. But we won't change our consciousness unless and until we realize that consciousness is not something abstract and imaginary but the most concrete element in human life — and in the universe. The new sciences, especially quantum physics, lend unprecedented credence to this emerging insight. Eva Herr in her brilliant collection of pioneering thinkers and scientists demonstrates this crucial fact. Her book CONSCIOUSNESS should be read by all conscious people — and that means all healthy and responsible people, whatever they do and wherever they live on this precious but deeply endangered planet. Ervin Laszlo, Author, Systems Analyst, Two Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Talk Show Program Host

Eva Herr
Eva Herr
GA - USA Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Eva Herr
Talk Show Host, Author, Journalist, Researcher, Writer, Author, Paralegal, Alternative Holistic Counselor, Consultant, Alternative Medicine Mentor, Speaker, Medical Intuitive

Nothing in Eva Herr's past pointed to how her life would evolve. Working most of her life in legal offices as a litigation paralegal was certainly a black and white world. But all of that was about to change in ways she could never have conceived...

In 1992, a series of events began that would alter her perception of life forever. Her son was kidnapped by her own Mother, she lost her job, became pregnant, and her father died unexpectedly. Life seemed to come crashing down on her, and the weight of these events shoved her into a 'dark night of the soul' that brought her to a wholly new place.

As Eva explains, "Unfortunately, it takes something like that most of the time in order for one to understand that the real mission of life is simply submission to God, the Oneness, I AM. You can feel it within you, your frequency begins to raise and you begin to 'hear.'"

That experience brought about a shift in consciousness that forever changed her life. Eva discovered new gifts of perception that were completely unknown to her in her former existence. Knowledge of people and energy and healing was pouring in, seemingly implanted in her psyche, and she began helping others with her gift of medical intuition. Her thirst for more knowledge and understanding of what brings about this shift, and how the universe works was seemingly unquenchable.

Eva has written in great detail about the events of her life that created her shift in consciousness and opening of her intuitive ability in her book, "Agape, The Intent of The Soul", published in 2005.

Eva became a popular talk show hostess on BBS Radio, which gave her the opportunity to engage the minds of today's top thinkers in the fields of science and consciousness and our human experience and brought her latest best selling book CONSCIOUSNESS Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Science of Quantum Mechanics. A list of her past interviews reads like a 'who's who' list of luminaries. Eva conducts both her interviews and herself with a raw honesty, devoid of the pitfalls of egotism, that is seldom seen today.

In addition to her internet BBS Radio program, "The Infinite Consciousness," Eva is a Certified Alternative Holistic Counselor; as such, she works with clients using her encyclopedic knowledge of alternative health remedies, as well as helping them understand how our minds work–enabling them to heal themselves of illnesses they were unable to resolve through traditional medicine. Combining her knowledge of alternative medicine with her intuitive abilities, she has an impressive track record of success.

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Eva, I meant it from my my heart,you are incredibly good at what you do.I have been seen by some of the top scientists in the medical profession, they have no cure & offer no hope without toxic chemical treatments. I simply refuse to go there as I know at a soul level I can not accept that.I am very intuitive myself alot of the things I had been doing you confirmed for me. I've known when I did a reading on myself that I was very sensitive to electro-magnetic freguency's, I started using Dr.Bell's receptor which has shielded me also I was taking his supplements for awhile that have amino acids & B vitamins.You should have him on your show, his receptor technology has kept me going until now. I will get back on his supplement's as soon as possible & do my best to go see Dr.Valerie as I can give her your recommendations.I'm working at healing on all levels, I can't accept illness but I do know that I am responsible for it.Living within this illusion is hard for all of us, I'm just so happy I'm aware of it!! Blessings Deborah P.S I figured I was brought back for a reason, I am trying to work with it.

Can't save enough about BBS Radio and what a rich source of information and education we are previlged to enjoy! I especially enjoy Synchronized Universe and x2 Radio and Eva Herr and all their fasinating guest, though it doesn't end with these. I see the fast acceleration of knowledge that is to bring in the total healing of mankind. Thank you for including the websites and links to all guest so that we can preview ahead of time and then schedulte to tune in for those which are of particular interst. When the military kept using the word "Matrix" over and over during the invasion of Iraqi I knew that was an "attention getter" and it is ever exspanding. You may never know how many folks are benefiting from BBS Radio ... many shy people are feeding here and don't call in, but they are listening and they are being fed! Thanks from the depth of our hearts!

~ Betty H. in Harker Heights, Texas


I have found your show to be one of the most informative shows EVER! Packed with information. Thank you eva herr and look forward to hearing you for a long time.

~ Sharon K in Jackson, NJ


BOOK FEEDBACK: Thank you so much Eva for providing us with the Agape- The Intent of the Soul. Thank you so much for providing a better sense of purpose. Thank you for giving me hope and a challenge as well. I know you are busy, so I just wanted to thank you Eva for letting me know that I have to look deeper. I would love a reading when you can. Sincerely,

~ Amadou D.


Hey Eva, There is know way to really thank you for all you have done. I would like for your readers to know what kind of person you have been for my family and me. How accurate your work can be. I signed on to one night in hopes of being able to find my father. After clicking on a few other links, I found I sent an e-mail about my father and a week or so later Eva called me. After missing each other a few times, we finally talked a little and made an appointment. When I called her the next day, there was so many things she told me that was so right. I made notes of everything she had told me. Eva told me a few things about my father that were right. She told me what kind of shirt he had on, what color his car was. She told me the word Pinegrove, large group of trees, that my father wasn't far from me. She said, tell Bonnie there is some cement in raw form not real close but somewhat. Small narrow road goes up slight hill. She also kept hearing something about a green car. After talking to Eva, it wasn't long before they found my fathers remains. He was missing for five months. Where he was found, the area was called Pinegrove. There was a large group of trees beside a creek and he was laying right there. He wasn't but maybe three miles from where I live if you went through the woods. A quarter of a mile from where he was, there is a business that hauls cement and sand. He was in a pasture that had a very narrow road that went through it. The only thing we couldn't figure out was the green car. A few days later we went to the area where he was found. The man that took us out there was in a green truck and the man that found my father was on a green tractor when he found him. Once we were able to put all the pieces together she was very accurate on everything that she told me. Not only was Eva accurate on what she said, she was very nice and thoughtful. If I needed to call her back at times she didn't mind at all. She would tell me if she was getting to tired and needed to stop. She didn't want to give me the wrong information, so she would take a break and we would talk about other things. If I ever need anything again, you can be sure I will call you Eva. Thank you for everything you have done.

~ Bonnie


Hi Eva, Thanks again for your call today! I love when the universe connects us in synchronicity. "I am acquainted with several gifted psychics and medical intuitives, and I know that people receive and interpret information from the human energy field in different ways. Eva Herr stands out, with her clear readings and no-nonsense approach. Within a very short time, she pin-pointed specific issues I was experiencing and provided insight on the connections between certain conditions and long-held or forgotten emotions. She also suggested some remedies that could alleviate the underlying causes and perhaps prevent a minor problem from escalating into a serious one. In addition, she was able to see some specific links to health issues experienced by family members and a business associate, and this information, while unsolicited, is helpful to know. I can recommend Eva to anyone who seeks a different approach or a second opinion on their health."

~ Elizabeth Hare, Executive Consultant for the Arts and Health Care, Former CEO, Aspen Center for Integrative Health Alternative Health Practitioner


Hi Eva, I really enjoyed your show and really felt something positive coming through just by listening to you. I think that your show is such a refreshing approach considering all the other shows concentrating on conspiracy theories and the near extension of humans. I hope that your shows will always concentrate on the positive and teach us listeners the path to Consciousness. I have been battling depression, financial hardship and a loveless marriage, so it would be nice if you would address these kind of problems on your future shows. Love and peace,

~ Carline


Hi Eva, I am listening to the archive of your new show. Good stuff! Lots to take in.

~ Julia


I really enjoyed your shows with Dr. Swanson and Dannion Brinkley. My local library does not have Dr. Swanson's book yet, but I'll be looking for it. I really enjoyed hearing about orbs, too. Great stuff! Dannion was great too, what a great spirit! I've listened to your shows that are posted on bloginservice, as well as the Don & Wynn shows. Great stuff! I'm looking forward to more of them. Namaste,

~ Michael


Eva, I just discovered your show on BBS radio and can't stop listening. I have yet to find a lecturer that you've had on that doesn't connect with me in some small way. Your determination to help humanity through our reawakening to our true nature is one of the most loving and noble causes on internet radio and I applaud your efforts. In a sea of well meaning but misguided mediocre alternative radio broadcasting I have been completely blown away by your knowledge and skilled interviewing approach.Thanks again for all of your hard work and courageous effort. Love,

~ Roger M.