The 2 with Myron Westmoreland and Rev Antonio McGuire

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9:52:02 PM (Wed) PST


Talk Radio Show Program

The 2

The 2 with Myron Westmoreland and Reverend Antonio McGuire
Myron Westmoreland and Reverend Antonio McGuire

The program is a provocative variety talk show including social issues, politics and sports.

Join two interesting researchers, scholars and theologians, covering a wide variety of topics, provide contrasting styles and views that will no doubt, cause some controversy and conflict.

Let the Kingdom Builders in! Let this knowledge out!

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

The 2, April 19, 2014 Guests, Coach Duffy and Professor Garrett Sheldon
Debut of The 2, April 5, 2014 with Myron Westmoreland and Rev. Antonio McGuire

Featured Guests

Guest, Dr Samuel Malave April 5, 2014

Talk Show Program Host

Myron Westmoreland
Myron Westmoreland
Texas - USA - Facebook - LinkedIn
Theologian, Scholar, Radio Talk Show Host

Myron is a graduate of U.T.A. and A.S.U. and obtained a Bachelor of Education in Biblical Studies. In addition, he has additional education in economics, philosophy, and law from the Universities of Rochester, Edinburgh, and Case Western Reserve.

Currently he is attending the University of Wales Lampeter in pursuit of a MA in Biblical Interpretation. At present he is concentrating on making significant contributions to the field of ministry and the community at large.

Myron is a loyal 49ers fan since the days of “Montana” and believes this year will be the year the Niners win it all!!

Reverend Antonio McGuire
Rev Antonio Mcguire
Texas - USA
Minister, Ordained Elder, Assistant Pastor, Reverend, Theologian, Talk Show Host

Rev. McGuire is an avid and vigorous kingdom builder humbly willing to sacrifice all for the work of the Lord. He has been in the ministry for 15 years and is an ordained Elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been a lifelong member of Hill Chapel CME church in Plano, TX and currently serves in the capacity of assistant pastor under Rev. Clarence Ford. Rev. McGuire has been employed with UPS for over 23 years and is currently a student in the Liberty University online program where he is seeking a degree in Theology. He is not able to boast about an enormous amount of accomplishments, but he considers his family to be the most important asset that he could ever acquire. He is married to the beautiful and voluptuous Mrs. Pat McGuire and proud father of two children, Barbara (19) who is a freshman at Midwestern State University and Bobby (17) who is a junior at Mansfield High School. Rev. McGuire has found it important to hold true to what Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus; Ephesians 3:20-“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”. The McGuire family is a living witness and can attest to the fact that, “God is SO AMAZING!”