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Our natural love of animals creates respect and a desire to know our animal companions on a deeper level. 

Through telepathic communication, we can listen to what our animal friends are saying, appreciate the way they view humans and the world, their purposes, sense of humor and spiritual insights. 

Explore and celebrate your relationship with animal companions; listen to what they can teach us about love, life, and being human.

Find out What Your Pets Are Thinking

  • An animal communicator can telepathically talk with your pets whether they are living or in spirit form.  They will give you vital information for their and happiness and wellness.
  • Telepathy is communication of thought from one being to another through extrasensory perception.
  • What is being communicated is an impression of the total experience of the being, which is a composite of all it sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels at any moment in time.
  • The telepath receives the message, decodes it, and translates it into language so it can be related to the person doing the inquiry. It is not language, itself.
  • The telepath must first make a verbal connection with the person (usually over the telephone), and then traces the heart connection from the person to the animal with whom they want to communicate.
  • Once a connection has been made, it is like a 3-way call with the telepath acting as a “telephone line” between the two.
  • The person can then speak directly to the animal, and the telepath translates the animal's answers to the person.
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