Dr Agnes Thomas

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Dr. Agnes Thomas
Dr. Agnes J. Thomas
Radio Talk Show Host, Counselor for Mentally Handicapped and Brain Damaged Children and Adults, Veterinary Intuitive, Author, Speaker on Animal Mysticism

Biography from: http://www.petstellthetruth.com/

Agnes Thomas is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Brecksville, Ohio. She obtained her Ph.D. in physiological psychology from Case Western Reserve University and worked as a counselor for mentally handicapped and brain damaged children and adults. She has 25 years experience in non-invasive work with animals researching the development of the respiratory control system, learning and memory. She is recognized nationally for her work in developmental brain research and the development of respiratory control. Agnes has been communicating with animals since 1992 and has studied interspecies telepathic communication. She is a well known veterinary intuitive, published author on the the animal mind, and a sought-after speaker on animal mysticism.

In her newest book, Dr. Agnes Thomas relates her experiences in talking with animals through interspecies telepathic communication. While conducting studies intended to unlock the secret workings of the animal mind, the author finds herself being drawn into animals' spiritual and mystical world. There, she unravels the mystery of the powerful bond that exists between and humans and its connection with the divine. She explains the scientific and metaphysical research that supports her work. It is a moving and enlightening story about the power of love, why we are here, and where evolution is leading us.