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Liz Millar

Otherware: /Oth"er*ware`/ (n.) that which sets into action, enhances or evolves the inner technologies of the multidimensional human.

Our planet and all its inhabitants are awakening in a profound way. It can be an exciting as well as a confusing time for many, and the need for the right tools and information to help one navigate a clear path through this transitional period it all is at an all-time high.

"Otherware" is Liz's way of describing the most important tools or "programs" we have to perceive things beyond our five sense reality, that are literally built into our bodies, lying dormant in our DNA. If you liken your DNA to a computer hard drive then these "technologies" are things such as telepathy, remote viewing and all other psychic or clairvoyant abilities, energetic healing and understanding how energy follows thought to "create your reality" programs are the "other"ware.