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Modified Perceptions is the internet radio talk show for MODWorld. MODWorld represents a unified movement that seeks to establish a new era in the world by helping to break down socioeconomic barriers which are prevalent today between people who live as modified individuals and mainstream society.

We, the modified community are a caring people often seen by mainstream society in a light that is based on myth and misunderstanding leading to a thwarted perception of who we are as people.

Through programs which we develop we will be able to open the eyes of the world, through the gate of our portal, MODWorld, by sharing information and engaging in interactive dialogue with people from around the world on our web site, our radio talk show and our YouTube channel. Why do we do this? We do this because we care not only about what people think when they see a modified person as it relates to our feelings and what we see and live as a result of how people see and think of us. Moreover, we do this because we care about you and we believe that by allowing you to get to know us as real people we will be able to help you understand us and in the process we both will live in peace and harmony.

The goals of our programs are to educate the public, mainstream society, about body modification; what body modification is and what it isn’t. A priority for MODWorld is to reach out to today’s youth with information regarding safety so that when it comes to considering body mods that our youth have the necessary information in order to be able to make an informed, intelligent decisions that will lead to the enjoyment of body art to the fullest.

Through our outreach programs we will begin to bridge the gap between the world of modified people and the world of mainstream society achieving the goals of our mission; to break down barriers that exist today including those that keep modified people from being accepted into jobs because of their visible body art. Also, through our educational programs we will serve as ambassadors for equal rights and protect the freedom of people who wish to modify their bodies without restrictions imposed by government laws.

This is the dawning of the age of MOD. We are “MODWorld – The Evolution Revolution”.

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